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  1. Hi everyone Been off the scene for a while So its like starting all over again just saw this thread and booked Fri & Sat looking forward to meeting every one Clear skies and a bottle of Jameson
  2. I would be interested in Fri -Sun incbut will have to check with work tomorrow
  3. will be leaving soon as car loaded and have a cuppa see you soon
  4. Yea Will be there early afternoon with a bit of luck
  5. Ok That's it booked Now the waiting game Looking forward to it
  6. Hi Jules Is there still room for one more ? If so whats the latest I would need to be there because I never know where work takes me (HGV) Pat
  7. Just booked up with firefox & paypal without any problems Thanks James
  8. Count me in as well I sometimes park overnight by mast on the Pennine Way if Im delivering in the area and I have a couple of hours with bins
  9. I didnt make it either Barry. Modem packed up so no comunication. Spent an hour in back garden but seeing wasnt that great Jupiter was about all I could see. Gave up around Mid Night
  10. As far as i know it is The last time I was there was before Christmass
  11. Cheers for the quick replies I lost my connection hense the fast exit
  12. Would this be ok in a 250mm dob I'm using a couple of BST's at the moment 8mm & 25mm I think its F4.7
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