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  1. Thanks PhilB61 that's a practical idea. I have the same scope amongst my collection. I also have a Brother handheld electrician's printer for use with pvc adhesive tape which should do the trick.
  2. OMG - Thanks Michael8554 - I feel such a numbskull for overlooking the obvious. Obviously that works fine for a refractor as in this case but a bit more tricky with those scopes using a mirror. Thanks for your answers!
  3. Phil - I thought 'back focus' was a measurement taken from the end of the focus tube (racked fully in) to a point where the telescope produces the focal point. As I understand it, introducing a field focuser or other optic device such as a barlow lens alters that distance. What I want to do is focus my ccd more easily in the field rather than having to go to and fro making focal adjustments to try and get some sort of image to then carry out final adjustments. I do not currently use a field flattener or corrector.
  4. Can't find back focus spec for Altair Astro Starwave 66 ed-r on the net. Is there such a source?
  5. There seems to be a washer maybe a teflon washer sandwiched between the rotating parts do you know of a source for these parts?
  6. It's the latter. How should the three adjustment screws be set? Is it just trial and error?
  7. Just purchased a S/h scope OTA - can't find any screw mount for a finder red dot/scope on tube. How does it mount? Also is there such a thing as a user/service manual for this OTA as the rotating focus has a couple of rough points on rotating? Thanks in advance
  8. Seen others screw a vixen rail directly to the telescope's small foot to allow better balancing and still get to focus tube locking screw. But exactly how is this done with only 2 available threaded holes only a few mm apart? Is there a better practical solution when using SW GTi mount and what parts did you use?
  9. Anyone know the thread specs at the end of the 2" focus tube revealed when you unscrew the eyepiece ring?
  10. What version of Windows are you using to connect to your target PC. I think you can only do it with the Pro version. If that's what you have just Google on Utube as I've seen an informative one in the past on setting up the credentials
  11. Yep been there done that. You may have experimented with Stellarmate on the RPi off an SDcard or USB stick (which I did more recently and found improved stability) or used the Windows Kstars App. I decided to move to a PC because of the more powerful and stable hardware; expecting to avoid the annoying occasional re-installation of Stellarmate OS due to corruption on start-up or during software updates. KStars App and Stellarmate OSX are in my list of things to eventually experiment with, however I wanted to branch into a more simple project first. The underlying expectation is to be able to take a grab n'go kit on my caravan travels to darker skies.
  12. Not yet tried this method. I didn't realise that you can mix and match phone and pc together with the mount. Step 8 must involve some settings in Stellarium telescope connection window that are different to what I've been using. Are they in your highlighted email?
  13. Maybe be I should give up on what look like and elegant and simple software project and pay for Stellarmate OSX. It's a big decision as the license cost equates to 1/2 tank of fuel. I suppose I'd better check the forums first for user experience. I am grateful for all your help
  14. Crikey this piece of software is very picky. After your replies I resorted to looking at the SW manual. It states Stellarium software IP address should be when on the same computer as the synscan pro app, mount networking address (when connecting direct to mount) . I don't remember seeing that being set on the UTube video in this link. I've also tried this and Windows 8 compatibility mode (a long shot) - another 2 hours expended - still no joy. I never had so much trouble setting up software. Setting up Stellarmate on my RPi4b was a cinch in comparison. I only departed from it hoping to cache-in more processing power of a Wintel PC.
  15. This is driving me crazy. I'm trying to set up telescope control of a SW AZ GTi mount using Stellarium ver 23.4 and Synscan Pro app ver2.4.16. I've read posts in SW AZ GTi here I've configured an external software as localhost port 10001 in Stellarium I've watched Utube vids where it's easy as 1-2-3 I've set Win 11 firewall to open up port 10001 I've spent early hours working on this project and come to a grinding exhausted halt. Whilst the Synscan app can align the mount Stellarium has no luck connecting to the mount, freezing the telescope message window as "connecting" but doesn't. What have I done wrong? Can anyone save me from further fruitless hours checking and rechecking settings?
  16. Thanks I'm looking forward to using it with the RPi4b I built with Stellarmate OS installed. That's probably a subject of a following post. Regards
  17. That's it a QHY5-m recognised by WIN11 and working in the app sent by Malc-c! Thank you all so much for your expert help.
  18. Happy-kat - Unfortunately no the camera isnt identified by WIN11 - I tried it thinking it might appear in Device manager, but no luck.
  19. I've been given a CCD 1.25" camera. There are no outward markings so I unscrewed the circular face of it and read QHYCCD 091012 printed on the circuit board. This lead me to the QHY website but I cannot find an image of it that matches. The LED on the back glows red when connected to usb so I think there is a good chance its working. Does anyone know what CCD model it is and where I can find drivers to test it on WIN11?
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