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  1. Apologies for picking up this thread so late but I belong to a small but friendly astronomy club which meets on the first Monday of the month –St.Neots astronomy association –at Paxton Pits Nature Reserve which is quite a good dark site and we all set up in the car park when it’s not cloudy. Link to web site in my signature below. Regards Graham
  2. Hi all- can anyone recommend a good sturdy tripod for a set of 15x70 binos (about 1.3 Kg) for under £100. Regards Graham
  3. Done- and asked for it to be a regular feature
  4. I agree with the posts above on the Pocket Sky Atlas and Turn Left at Orion they are both good for beginners and maybe later the Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders. I've got all three and recommend them all. As said before though the Illustrated Guide is a bit more in-depth but an excellent book to take out in the field with your scope. Regards
  5. Hi Colin- nice to meet you last night and thanks for letting me have a look through you scope.Also looking forward to having a peek through your LX90 at the next meet. I must agree with you that it was quite an amazing night with very clear skies and not a bad turn out for our small club. Hopefully we will get a few more people turn up at the next meet on the 22nd December as the word gets around. Regards
  6. GSR


    Hi Justin-good luck with the binos and welcome to the forum
  7. GSR

    Another new guy

    Hi Wish- hope you enjoy your new hobby and good luck with the binos.
  8. GSR

    I am new too.

    Hi-hope you enjoy your new hobby and welcome to the forum
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum from me to
  10. Welcom back to the fold Regards
  11. Hi John- 400x magnification with 68 degree FOV will give you a true field of view of 0.17 degrees. To work out your true field of view through any eyepiece divide the apparent FOV (in this case 68) by the Magnification (400) Hope this helps
  12. Hi and welcome to the forum-good luck with your new scope and wishing you clear skies (and me!)
  13. Welcome to the forum and I hope you both enjoy your new hobby-from just over the border Cambridgeshire
  14. Thanks Alan and Olly- I have ordered the Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders for now and I will put the SkyAtlas on my Christmas wish list.
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