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  1. Yes you can, but you end up moving more diagonally than up and down. For visual observing you just need to put the mount up pointing roughly north, set the latitude scale to approx your location (mine is 52 deg) and away you go. Richard
  2. Has any one tried to fit a HEQ5 Pro into one of these cases?
  3. Hi, Good to hear you enjoyed the evening, next month we will have a presentation by Andy Green of Stardome fame (more info on our website www.snaa.co.uk) we will how ever as always be observing if the skies are clear following this, so fingers crossed. Richard
  4. Hi, Welcome to SGL, where in Cambs are you? We have a good Astro club over in St Neots, your more than welcome to come along and we should be able to get you pointing in the right direction, check out our website for more info www.snaa.co.uk. Regards Richard
  5. fizzer

    New member

    Hi Kevin, Welcome to SGL, not sure which side of Cambridge you are, but just wanted to let you know that just down the road in St neots we have an Astronomy Association, you would be more than welcome to come along. Richard.
  6. Just a reminder to all that St. Neots Astronomy Association have an observing meeting tonight. For more info and directions check out the SNAA website. All are welcome, if you have a new scope and are struggling then bring it along and well get you set up and observing even if its cloudy we can still show you the basics of setting up.
  7. I'm currently mountless hoping to find a HEQ5 pro mount, keep seeing the odd one on the bay but they keep selling at almost the same price as new, heres hoping on comes up on ABS soon.
  8. Very nice Colin, looks like you need to edit your signature again.
  9. Hi Jay, Where abouts in Cambs are you? Just thought i'd let you know about St Neots Astronomy Association, we have regular monthly meetings over at Paxton Pits Nature Reserve. Check out the website www.snaa.co.uk. Should you need any help or advise with the new scope you are more than welcome to come along. regards Richard
  10. Hi Ant, As for local clubs you could check out St Neots Astronomy Association. We have a Stargazing Live event this Wednesday, where there will be several types and sizes of telescopes available for you to try out. If you would like any further info about the event please check out the website (www.snaa.co.uk). regards Richard
  11. Another top idea is to join your local astronomy club, where abouts are you located?
  12. Hi, have you confirmed all of the polarities are correct through out the length of the cable and connectors? You should be ok doing this I used to do this for an ETX70 a few years back, although I used a SW powertank which has a dedicated 9v output. Richard
  13. Hi and welcome. Where abouts in East England are you? Rich
  14. Hi Peter, Welcome to SGL, I'm also in Cambs over near St Ives, there are several members on here who go to the St Neots Astronomy Association meetings, there is in fact an observing evening on Monday 7th, so perhaps see you and your new scope there. Richard
  15. I too had a skywatcher powertank die on me, wouldn't charge from the supplied charger, i could leave on charge for 24 hours and not even the small lamp would light when swithced on, i went and brought a optimate 4 charger (~£50) this revived the battery and all is as good as new now. So i would have to agree that the charger is as important as the battery. Rich.
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