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  1. Hello Amanda and welcome back to SGL.
  2. Andy, Dennis. The "pre" check box (from the full manual not the little one with the camera):- The "Pre" check box, activates the preview mode, where that image download will be about twice as fast. However, quality will suffer. This mode is specially useful for focusing the camera. I can't say I've ever used this mode as I focus with subs of between 0.5s and 2s without any problems. It's meant to be clear tonight so I'll give it a go. I think the issues that Dennis highlights lie with the capture program supplied with the 314 - Artemis - which isn't a really powerful tool. it's cheap
  3. Andy that looks good to me! I can confirm that if I check "pre" I get a load of noise at the bottom of the image just like you did. FYI: I pulled the figures out of AstroArt. I'm glad you got it resolved mate. Mark
  4. Wow what a nice image. Good result.
  5. Andy, Dennis. Firstly please tell me to be quiet if I'm talking nonsense I've had a look at Andy's data and compared them to mine. I've found a much higher signal in Andy's fits files than in my camera. I've just taken a bias frame to match the one Andy attached above. This is at zero degrees (not sure if yours was at zero Andy - could this be the reason) and is 0.1s in length. The output data is below. I'm just wondering here, while I know the first CCD was faulty, is there an issue with either your PC or the version of Artemis that you're using? A bias frame from my camera Min ....
  6. Brilliant! What an elegant solution. Cheers Alan.
  7. I like! That would be great for my laptop as it's a pain getting software to go into "night mode" and then messing up the system colours if I don't close it down properly. What did you use Alan?
  8. Nice list of goodies. I've found the UHC-S is really good with my 6SE. Something else you might consider is the GPS accessory (CN16). It plugs in an fills in the date/time/lat/long automatically. Mine cost just under £300 so cheap it's not but I thought I'd mention it Mark
  9. As Dave says after a little further digging it is STAR2000 compatible. It works by using half the imaging pixels to image and the other half to guide with one half using a short exposure and the other half whatever exposure you want. Looks kind of interesting. Here's the PDF I found on it: http://www.astromag.co.uk/pdfs/star2000.pdf Mark
  10. Hi Andy, I've had a quick look at the the Starlight XPress site and it states that the "SXVF-M7C" has a "Built-in autoguider interface and output - compatible with the optional dedicated external guide camera". This means you'll need their guider (or another guide camera) to get this working. HTH Mark
  11. Like beamer says - I think it's pretty normal to have a few paint chips. All of my scopes do and I am pretty careful about moving and storing them. When assembling my rig I attach the tube rings to the mount first then add the scope and when I'm taking it down I take the OTA off the rings first. My reasons are that I think it's safer to sit the OTA in the rings and then tighten them than try and secure the rings in the mount head with the scope attached. I've tried it with my 300P and almost dropped the whole thing. Also when imaging I need to ensure I can align the eyepiece position with
  12. CdC wins for me. While I like Stellarium because it looks nice it's a bit processor hungry and, for imaging, doesn't feel as complete or simple as CdC does when controlling the scope.
  13. Hello 250 and welcome to the group. That's a nice scope & mount you've chosen. I hope you have it really soon
  14. Hah! 3 nights of cloud - that's nothing. The clouds roll in if I just look at FLO's website. Saturn is amazing and I'm sure you'll enjoy your lovely new Newt soon. Mark
  15. Nothing wrong with a bit of aperture fever. It can be a little worrying, however, when you start seeing a 12" newt as small I went from a 6" SCT, which I thought gave wonderful views, to a 12" newt which blew me away so I guess the fever is there for a reason. Otherwise I completely agree with Isabelle.
  16. Completely agree with Mike. The summer is the best time of year as far as I'm concerned. The Moon's pretty cool as a target too.
  17. I picked up a red led "glow in the dark" astro-torch a while back but it packed up after a few nights use. It was £13. I now have a good quality white led torch and I've fixed a piece of red plastic over the front. Works a treat and it's reliable. Mark
  18. Hello Cosmin and welcome to the group from me
  19. Hello Mike and welcome to the group
  20. Congratulations on the new scope. Mine has given me fantastic views over the last couple of years. It's the kind of scope you can use every day - until my neighbour borrowed it and now he loves it too! I agree with DP - especially the date format. That confused me completely to start with. There's also a strange message when you've aligned: "Star Pointer Off". It took me months to work out that it was reminding me to turn off the red dot finder scope to save the battery! Use the current local time for the time setting. If your watch says 8pm, set it to 8:00, select PM (unless you're e
  21. Hello Vicky and welcome to the group Nice scope!
  22. Hello Rory and welcome to the group
  23. mark7331

    Now then...

    Hello and welcome to the group from me
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