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  1. That sounds inconvenient! Can you use a heavier counterweight and/or a shorter shaft to avoid hitting the tripod? 13 degrees latitude sounds like you won't have a lot of clearance, I also have a Celestron AVX but I observe from the UK.
  2. Matt, Andrew, many thanks for your suggestions. Andrew, the median FWHM measured from each RGB image is 5.30px (red), 5.33px (green), 5.16px (blue). For comparison it's 4.84px for the luminance (after sharpening). I've combined the unprocessed RGB images then applied the Auto Stretch STF (unlinked this time). Finally I applied the curves as used in the previous image. The colour balance isn't quite right but the stars look better.
  3. Now that the autumn equinox has arrived it's time to think about stargazing again! A friend and I found a pretty dark site near Ivinghoe Beacon (a few miles from Tring) which is about 20 minutes drive. If anyone's interested just post here. Probably easiest to PM people as we tend to decide at short notice based on the likelihood of clear skies. Thanks, Thomas
  4. My first DSO image (not counting robotic scopes). M17 Swan nebula taken at this year's Herstmonceux astronomy festival. It's a bit noisy and suffers from "manual filter wheel syndrome" (i.e. I ran out of time to collect Blue so this is Clear and Red combined) but even so I'm quite pleased with the result. It really looks like a swan and fits nicely onto the CCD frame! Celestron Edge 8" with Atik 314L unguided 22x 10 secs luminance 11x 15 secs red Polar alignment was a bit off hence the short exposures. Stacked in PixInsight with a curves transformation to improve contrast.
  5. I'm also considering the Celestron OAG as I already have a C8 and celestron filter wheel. The adaptors look well-suited to my setup. Let me know how you get on if you decide to buy. Thanks, Thomas
  6. Hi, I'm working on an image of the Swan nebula (M17) taken with a robotic telescope using PixInsight. The exposure times are 6x60 secs (Clear) and 6x120 secs in each of RGB, all unbinned. I've applied the following steps so far: 1. Registered and stacked the frames 2. Applied a careful Multiscale Linear sharpening to the L channel 3. LRGB combine with equal weight to each colour channel 4. Histogram transformation using the Screen Transfer Function. I kept the colour channels linked then increased the blue to achieve a more pleasing colour to the nebula. Unfortunately I find red halos around t
  7. Hi, Sorry for the short notice. I think this talk looks really interesting so I'll hopefully go along this evening. Where: Welwyn Garden City Golf Club, Mannicotts, High Oaks Road, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 7BP When: Wednesday, 10 June, 8pm Star formation in our Galaxy Carla NatarioObservations at Infra-red and sub-millimetre wavelengths carried out with the JCMT and Herschel telescopes have revealed that the ISM in our Milky Way is highly organized in cold and dense filamentary structures. The most massive of these structures are believed to be the initial conditions of massive star and star
  8. Hi Kevin, I won't make it tonight but enjoy the talk. He gave a great talk at astrofest last Saturday. I bought a new scope too so hopefully we'll have clear skies, will try to make the talk in March. Sent from my ME173X using Tapatalk
  9. Hi, Did anyone go along to the Herts astro group in Hatfield last week? It looked cloudy so I went to a pub quiz instead! Perhaps we can meet at the same venue next month? (Feb 12th) Thomas
  10. I'm still up for an observing night. I'm away from Sunday 14th until the beginning of August with a few days in Herts towards the end of July but I'll keep an eye on the forum in case I can make it. I'm looking forward to dark skies in Exmoor so fingers crossed the good weather continues! Thomas
  11. Hi, I've just found this thread, and I would also like to join you guys for the next observing evening. I live in West Herts near Hemel Hempstead so Wheathamstead is quite close for me. Most evenings are fine from 7pm onwards. Thanks, Thomas
  12. Hi, I have presented the following talks at schools and astronomical societies based on research I undertook at Oxford: * 25 Years of Supernova 1987A (currently topical ) Length: 1 hour Quite technical talk covering observations and theories of core collapse supernovae. * Life of Binary Stars Length: 30 minutes Non-technical talk about how binary stars evolve. I'm based in west Hertfordshire (south-east England) and happy to travel. Contact me with any questions. Thomas
  13. I also have a Celestron Omni XLT127 since about 2 years ago and I'm very pleased with it so far. I've enjoyed some very nice views of Jupiter and Saturn and their moons, and some brighter deep sky objects. The supplied 25mm eyepiece is great for open clusters, for example the Beehive (M44). I recently bought an Imaging Source DMK21 USB CCD camera so I'm hoping to get some nice pics of Jupiter this summer. I must admit I've only had a dew problem once or twice but a dew shield sounds like a good idea.
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