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  1. OK, panic over. It seems that that orange power button on the Powertank only needs a very quick press to turn it on. I was pressing for too long. Now all I need is a clear sky and I can use the telescope for the first time! Thanks for any replies though
  2. Hi, I wonder if I could get some help please: I've just taken delivery of a Skywatcher Discovery 150i WiFi. I also have a Celestron 6.1 Ah Powertank. I can connect the the telescope to the SynScan app on battery power ok. But when I connect the Powertank using the supplied cable I lose the wifi connection. The Powertank is fully charged. Any thoughts please? Am I doing (or not doing) something stupid? By the way, there's an orange button on the Powertank - not sure what it's supposed to do - seems to do nothing. And the 4 LEDs on the Powertank only light up when it's plugged into the mains to charge up.
  3. Hello from the UK I'm an absolute newbie too - so new I haven't even got a telescope yet! Ordered it about 10 weeks ago, but hope it will arrive in the next few days.... This is a great site with plenty of people to help you on your star-gazing journey.
  4. Hi If still available I'd be happy to pay the asking price. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply JOC, much appreciated and very useful. But as my scope is (or will be when it arrives!) is a 150i, with the wi-fi GoTo mount, don't I just need one finder to get the initial line-up correct then the scope will go to whatever I want to look at? Sorry if I'm asking silly questions.... When I get my hands on the scope and start using it all this might start making sense! Thanks
  6. Hi Zermelo and thanks for all the guidance & info I was wondering why you would need both a Zelrad and a 6x30 RACI? Aren't they both finders that essentially do the same thing? And if you were to just have one, which would it be? Thanks
  7. Thanks Dan, yes that makes perfect sense! And thanks for keeping your reply simple Can't wait to get my telescope and start observing!
  8. Hello I'm still awaiting delivery of my first telescope, a Sky-Watcher Star Discovery 150i WiFi. So, without any user experience, I have this question (and apologies in advance if it's a ridiculous question!): If, as described in the FLO website, all I need to do to find objects is enter the detail of my location into the GoTo app, why's is a red dot finder provided? Would I ever need to use it? Maybe the finder is provided as standard on the tube and it's easier to leave it there rather than manufacture a separate tube without it for GoTo use? Thanks
  9. Hi. I was wondering if this item was still for sale? Thanks
  10. Hello all I have a Sky-Watcher Star Discovery 150i WiFi https://www.firstlightoptics.com/az-goto/sky-watcher-star-discovery-150i.html on order from FLO, which I hope to get in the next week or so (fingers crossed). I have also ordered a 2x Barlow and a BST StarGuider 18mm eyepiece, a Baader Hyperion 24mm and a Baader Hyperion 8mm. I was wondering what else I need to get to hit the ground running? I'm interested in observation only (both planets and DSOs if possible), and live in north west London. My thoughts at the moment are a BST StarGuider 5mm eyepiece and a Celestron Lithium Powertank https://www.firstlightoptics.com/batteries-powerpacks/celestron-6-1-ah-powertank-lithium-lt.html Anything else I should get? Any recommended filters to cope with light pollution? Dew hood? Thanks for your advice. Old Clive
  11. Have just sent you a message regarding the 18mm BST
  12. Hi. Can you tell me what the postage would be for the StarGuider 18mm please (I'm near Uxbridge) Thanks
  13. Hi. In that case I'd be delighted to take this item off your hands! Any ideas on what happens next (I've not bought anything on SGL before) I'm happy to use either PayPal or do a transfer. Clive
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