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  1. Still available. Would prefer to sell to mount head + controller + all other accessories and paper work, and keep the tripod for visual use. In this way, the price could be 2000 Euro / 1750 Pounds + shipping to EU/UK.
  2. Just ordered mine five days ago. Due to the Chinese new year it should arrive at the end of the month in Italy, and then probably one more week till Romania. Did allot of reading on the internet, and also saw some interesting youtube video with owners who already use one, stating the pros and cons of the mount. In the end, if I would manage to guide it as my avalon m-zero, I would be really happy. There is a common opinion as the RST-135 guides really well with short exposures 0.5-1s and small and aggressive corrections. We'll see how that goes. On the AZ adjustment, if you load ge
  3. Selling my most beloved piece of astro-photography equipment: the Avalon M-Zero equatorial mount, in excellent working condition. The mount is around 5 years old, and works flawlessly. It is an excellent travel mount, at 5.5Kg, with an incredibly sturdy tripod (the tripod is a preferred option for its stiffness also on "non-Avalon" enthusiasts). The mount was bought from Italy (technosky.it), and from day 1 was kept in a Geoptik padded case, with desiccant tablets, for protection against shocks, dust, humidity, and so on. Tripod was always kept in its original Avalon padded case.
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