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  1. My first image of the summer. A section of the estern veil nebula. 53x120 sec lights only stacked in DSS, stretched in SIRIL and rudimentary processing in PS. Equipment used: Eq5 Pro, SXV-H9C, Tamron 150-600 @ 400mm, Orion SSAG guide, Altair triband filter.
  2. April was extremely good, I was able to shoot 16 nights. Not 1 clear night in May so far. Though it won't get really dark till August again, I'll still try some NB imaging if there is a clear night.
  3. You are right about the moon and possibly one of the reasons for the gradient and noise. This small sony sensor apparently didn't need dark files as it has very little readout noise. But I'll definitely shoot some darks on my next outing. But now that you have pointed out, I can see out of shape stars everywhere . I also realize that the lens racks out of focus often, especially when tracking stuff near the zenith. I probably have to bite the bullet and get a APO scope. Thank you for your input.
  4. Thank you for taking a look and the feedback. These are 3 min subs, attaching one here. This was shot on Apr 21st, so moon was not up till 4:00AM. My guiding is usually around 1-2" RMS and is usually pretty good for 2-3 min subs. No calibration files added on this stack. As a best case scenario, I'm also attaching a more recent 5 min sub of M82 and a stack of 23 lights, 40 flats and 40 bias for comparison. This was also done with exact same setup and the only difference is the calibration files added to the stack and had perfect guiding. Based on your feedback, I feel the lens might be the su
  5. First image I'm posting here. M101 shot over 2 nights. Total integration time 4 Hrs 27 Mins from bortle 6 skies. Equipment used: EQ5 pro, SX-H9C camera, Tamron 150-600 lens at 600mm, Orion SSAG and guidescope, no filters. Processing: stacked in DSS, processed in Pixinsight and PS. I got into AP in Jan this year and have been trying to get decent results without dropping a ton of cash into the hobby. I've been learning post processing with SiriL and photoshop in the past few months, but I'm struggling. So signed up for PI trial and have been poking around with my data. It definitely has helped
  6. I was able to get it setup. Nikon lens+fotodiox aperture control to 52mm filter ring+52mm to T2 adapter+7.5mm t2 extension tube. Aperture control works even with my kenko 2x TC attached. I leave the aperture wide open and screw in step-down rings in the front filter ring 95mm - 77mm as you suggested. Zwo 1.25" filter adapter is on its way from China, hopefully it'll take a filter as well. Now I need to start working on my post processing skills
  7. Had a rare clear night yesterday. I got 11 three minute subs ruined by Satellites across 3 different objects. Its getting progressively worse, and starlink satellites are the worse offenders. I'm losing 10% of my subs to satellites. With 40000 of these in orbit, I'd be lucky to get a single sub without one zipping through it. Are you folks seeing similar numbers? Is there a way to clean it up to include in the stack? Cheers Prathab
  8. These are out of stock everywhere. I think most of the ZWO cameras ship with one of these. Please let me know if you have a spare one to sell.
  9. Thank you for your input. I will let you know how I get on.
  10. That setup looks great! I would need aperture control (as I'm using a G lens). I've ordered one of these adapters -Fotodiox Aperture Control 52mm Filter for Nikon G/DX Lens in Reverse Mount for Macro Photography and a 52mm to 42mm Male-male coupling ring. The camera I'm considering is the OSC version of what you have. All 3 adds up to 46.5mm from sensor to flange. Is there enough thread room inside the starlight camera to bury one of these - https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-filters/zwo-t2-to-125-filter-holder.html ?
  11. I'm very interested in this subject. It took 4 years, but your post eventually found its audience Trying to achieve exactly this to see if I can pickup an old cooled small chip CCD camera to pair with my Nikon mount 150-600mm lens. That doughnut spacer looks like custom size and I'm not able to find it online. Could you tell me where I can source one? Thank you!
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