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  1. Hi everyone, so I'm just getting started and have most of the equipment I THINK I need. I have my evostar 72ED refractor telescope, 2 inch extension tubes to reach the focuser - a 30mm, 10 mm, 8mm, and 5mm, an M48 T Ring adapter and my Nikon D7500. They all connect but I haven't been able to use it yet due to weather. I've read multiple times that I need a flattener and will get one as soon as the OVL field flattener becomes available. As for the connections, I noticed some people recommend a threaded adapter for the tubes/flatteners to connect to the telescope instead of using the screws atta
  2. Does this set up seem correct? 1. Nikon D7500 2. Standard T ring for Nikon 3. Flattener (Still no OVL in stock, might buy the Orion or should I hold out and just get an extension tube to play with while I wait?) 4. M48mm T Ring Adapter 5. Evostar 72 Telescope. I'm still learning about the t rings and adapters so any advice is much appreciated.
  3. Darn they don't ship to the U.S. Once I do find a field flattener though what is the size T-Ring that I need for it? Would this work or something similar of the same size 48mm? https://www.astronomics.com/sky-watcher-48mm-t-ring-for-nikon-dslr-cameras-used-with-sky-watcher-quantum-refractor-field-flatteners.html
  4. Perfect thank you so much, I'll keep an eye on that re-stock and order it right away!
  5. Awesome, thanks! Unfortunately I can't find that with just a google search, any site suggestions of where to look? There's another one that looks very similar - the Orion Field Flattener.. Im still learning so I'm not sure if OVL is the brand or the type? Im also wondering if I'll need any sort of extension tubes for the back focus or if just the field flattener by itself is good enough? Thanks again!
  6. Hi, I'm just getting started with astrophotography and have been gathering the equipment. I've purchased the Star Watcher Evostar 72 APO Refractor Telescope and I've been researching all over the place for what flattener I should purchase. I'm wondering if there's a rule on how to pick one, does it have to be a certain size, brand, type, etc? Or does just any typical flattener work?... I see a wide range of prices and Its a little unclear to me what exactly I'm looking for since some flatteners look different than others. Im planning to connect this to a Nikon D7500 and I already have the M48
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