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  1. That's a cool website, awesome. I think i am going to play on that for a while. Thanks for sharing
  2. Woah that is really helpful. Now I am really wondering if I should give the MAK 127 one more go and see. I will definitely need to get a better eye piece and I will have a look at the diagonal. Thanks again
  3. Hey, Thanks a lot. That does helps me to have a better idea. I like the MAK one (maybe I am biased towards it). Do you think we can see galaxies using the MAK 102 (not very clearly, but maybe soft images in scope) Also what might be a good finder scope for them, a Red dot finder or a 6x30 optical one
  4. Hello all, I have come to you all with the "too much asked question". I have been using the telescopes from local Astronomy group since few years, and now during these Corona times, it is harder. So now I have decided to invest some money on getting myself a scope, and would so sooooo would love your inputs. My main concerns are: I may use it only once a month or so, I wanted something that I can handle (maybe >10kg). I don't own a car, usually I use a bicycle with a carrier to get around the city. (I had a look at the second-hand (5-7 yrs old) Skywatch MAK 127 Cassegrain
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