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  1. Thank you all. Very much appreciated. These were exactly what I was after.
  2. This may seem a bit of a silly question, apologies if this is obvious to many, but is there a daily/weekly bulletin anywhere that points in the direction of what is happening in the night sky this week/month/year, that shouldn't be missed. I'm sure there must be a news board etc.
  3. I bought a 6SE a couple of months ago off Amazon as a Black Friday offer. It was my first scope, as I will soon be going into retirement and I wanted something to keep my mind alive, and astronomy has always niggled away at me. Overall, although my experience and frame of reference is very narrow, I have been very pleased with the purchase. I have spent many hours of study, and despite a few teething problems in setting the scope up to work with Wifi and under the control of a Laptop, I seem to finally be there. Unfortunately, having faced endless issues both with the Mac, and the Wifi
  4. Hi all. I have recently bought a Celestron SE and installed SN8 SE. I am using a MacBook Air running the Big Sur iOS, having recently updating the iOS from Catalina. Prior to the Big Sur upgrade and despite having great difficulty in getting my computer to recognise a cable connection using a Mini USB/USB cable, I managed to get it going finally using a Prolific driver that then provided an option that worked in the Scope Configuration window of SN8. Now having upgraded to Big Sur, the USB connection option has dissapeard, and despite reloading the Driver as before, I am still unable to s
  5. I bought a Scope about 3 weeks ago. I am a complete beginner. Always had an interest, but never the time to really get into it. I will now as I move quickly towards retirement with excitement/alarm. With regard to the Forum, I have been particularly pleased to find a pool of knowledge like this. All of my questions have been very well received and responded to Although there are many readers who probably think 'what's he saying' or 'that's a stupid question' they have been polite enough to assist or stay quiet. Please keep up the good work all admin staff. When I am in a p
  6. Thanks Doug. I'm starting to think that you are right. Although the wifi module that I received as a replacement is occasionally connecting, it is very intermittent, and I'm now leaning to simply using the Nexstar+ hand controller or control directly from the MacBook using a hard cable and SN8 software that came with the Scope purchase.
  7. Hi Brian, going by what you have said I guess we are both fairly new to this and learning at about the same rate. I'm not sue if I've said already - I have in other threads - but I'm getting quite close to retirement and this will probably be my main hobby for a few years, along with my continued passion for golf, and my house in the mountains of Spain give me great opportunities, both when considering light pollution and weather. With regard to your equipment, I'm not really sure what you have at the moment. No doubt I will get to know more over coming months and years. As for my set
  8. Well... I've had a good day, of sorts. Got the new wifi dongle... and connection to SkyPortal was established. Not particularly reliable I have to say. Connections dropped frequently, and I can only put it down to the Tsunami of wifi signals jumping around my house in the form of Alexas, Wifi lightbulbs and sockets, and Sonos speakers. I'm guessing it will improve when I move outside. Also on a positive note, having watched a few youtube vids and downloading a few drivers ,I have now managed to connect my Starry Night 8 via cable to the scope, and all is good. I go to bed this ev
  9. Thanks Shimrod. I am in Europe so that may be a factor. I have a replacement module arriving today so we will see later if there was a component failure in the previous one, or a wider issue that I need to resolve. Fingers crossed. I really want to exploit the ease of use that comes with connectivity to an iOS device .
  10. Hey Brian I've recently bought a 6SE and I'm having no end of problems trying to set it up to work with my MacBook. If you are happy for me to speak with you and pick you brains, I would appreciate it. The main issue I'm having is installing the CFM and updating the Firmware. Regards Andy
  11. I've recently bought a celestron WiFi module to use with my newly purchased 6SE. After about a week of trying to get it to connect to any one of my numerous IOS devices unsuccessfully, I've given up and assumed it must be faulty and sent it back and asked for a replacement. Although I hope the new one will work when it arrives, I must admit that my confidence is not high, particularly having read a few reviews. Is there an alternative dongle that can be used... or am I stuck with the celestron module as the only means of establishing some wifi connectivity and control for the 6SE us
  12. Shimrod. Thanks for that. I will have another go tomorrow. Have to say this is getting pretty frustrating. Appreciate your pointers and recommendations
  13. Bought a 6SE a few weeks ago and continuing to have some difficulty in getting it set up to work with my MacBook Air. Attempted to get some support from Celestron, and I have to say that other than one email pointing to a Youtube vid, it's not been good. Was on the phone to them, on hold, for an hour this evening, before I left a call-back request and heard nothing, and despite several emails from me I seem to be getting nowhere. All a bit frustrating... I will persist, but although it's not the most expensive gear on the market, its' not the cheapest either, and quite frankly I expected a
  14. Oh if life was so simple. Ive just tried to connect using a cable mini-usb to USB cable from the Hand-control to the MAC. I then tried to 'configure' connection within the app. Connection options did not include USB so I tried both the TCP, and the Bluetooth options, as indicated in the screen shot. Both failed to connect to the scope. Any ideas... anyone ?
  15. Just seen this Shimrod. A few good suggestions. I will try these tomorrow. Thanks.
  16. Yeah sorry. I've put SkyPortal on the iPhone and Starry Night Celestron SE on the Mac. Not really made any use of either yet.
  17. I don't really know much about the firmware reliability, and was assuming that the alignment issue may have been related. Your comments are reassuring, and I may be going down the wrong path, for now. I guess I will need to concentrate on solving the issue related to the Wifi connectivity and getting my laptop to communicate. I have to say, I thought this would be fairly straight forward. I'm not a complete techno-idiot, but I'm woefully falling short of the techno-nerd status, that I wish I had right now.
  18. Nice boat. A hobby or a home ? Still not getting anywhere.... disconnected home cameras, Alexas, Sonos speakers, wifi plugs and bulbs... yet still 'unable to join Celestron - D8D' is popping up. I'm assuming I have to make this connection first before to WLAN access?
  19. I tried that... worked as you say, but then nothing happened. The original CFM download file looks slightly different to yours. Not sure if that makes any difference. When I did as you suggested, I got the second image. I'm reading lot about extracting files.... did you have to that, or did it simply launch the installation when you did as you said above? As an aside, nice boat by the way, is it yours?. Spent many a holiday on the Broads, and Canals of UK, and sailing different places.
  20. Also Mick, I note that you are using the Wifi dongle and SkyPort. Was set up of the Dongle trouble free for you? When I power up my wifi adapter and reach for it on my phone or other devices, when I see it which is rare, it simply says ' unable to connect '
  21. Yes Mick, I noted that and installed the latest version of Java yesterday. Still no joy. It says I need to look for an error report in 'the console' I'm not really sure what console There is another in the 'console' app on the Mac that appears to be relevant... although its hard to know what to look for. I'm not really too familiar with Mac... how can I confirm that Java is running? Is there a version minimum that I need to confirm. In terminal it's saying: java version "15.0.1" 2020-10-20 Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 15.0.1+9-18) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit S
  22. All the techies out there. I have had my Celestron SE6 for about a month and have been trying to get it working with my MacBook and I'm having no end of problems. I've also bought a Sky Portal Wifi Accessory, which is also proving to problematic in setting up. As a first move I thought the best thing would be to update my Firmware on the mount, using the Mini-USB at the bottom of the Nexstar+ controller. Particularly as for some reason when trying to align using Solar System objects it was only giving me Venus as an option and would not scroll to any other planets. Thinking that was o
  23. I must admit that the evenings I have spent sitting on the patio looking up at an amazing sky are too numerous to count. The contrast to what can by seen by the naked eye in northern Europe is incredible. Having had an interest in all things in the cosmos since a very young age, it was a natural choice as a hobby for retirement... and I'm sure all on here would agree to that.
  24. Maybe one day John... although I guess that would be like a learner jumping into Farrari right now
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