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  1. This is very true! I've already been considering what to do if I get invested in imaging to the extent where my original OTA is tied up with the cam all the time. The pipe dream is having a good, big dob at home - but getting something like a little Redcat or Zenithstar for imaging is also a cracking possibility. And that coveted HEQ5/Az-EQ5. If I had another imaging OTA, I could use my original for viewing more often. This all being a very vague long term plan, ofc.
  2. Thanks! This is what I am going to do - it just sounds like a better option when someone else is saying it!
  3. So, I'm looking to build up a little equipment base through which I can begin delving into imaging and processing. But I'm clueless. I want to image mainly DSOs and lunar with the potential to branch into solar, since I don't know if my scope lends itself to planets very well. What I have already: - Altair Asteo Starwave 102ED-r doublet with FPL53 - Altair Raci 60mm 90° finderscope - EQM-35 - Nikon d3400 So, I know that I'll need a T ring adapter for the DSLR, and from seeing other people's setups I'm vaguely familiar with flatteners...but I've also had people tell me a flattener isn't necessary? I've also had people mention needing spacers but I have zero idea about that. People have warned me that my camera body is pretty poor, and that it will be very difficult to focus. Is this true? Another thing I was considering doing is investing in a small, cheaper dedicated astrocam with the potential to be used for guiding as well. I'm not looking to break the bank or rival Hubble, nor am I even really looking to equal any other amateur imaging astronomers. I'm looking to build my experience in operating a dedicated cam, while experimenting with imaging. For this purpose, I have been looking at some of Altair's cheaper models. They are supported by Altair's own software as well as Sharpcap. In particular I have had these models recommended: - Altair GPCAM3 290c colour - Altair GPCAM3 385c colour - Altair GPCAM2 327c video astronomy camera - Altair hypercam 183c usb3 colour - this one pushes the budget a bit too much for me currently, but its a possibility - Altair GPCAM1 130c colour guide imaging camera with meteor lens These models are options, but I am open to suggestions. If I was to go with one of these, I'd get an Altair Triband filter to go with it. So...what does everyone think? Any ideas, advice, recommendations? Basically feel like climbing on the roof and crying for help whenever I start looking at this stuff
  4. I don't use it to power a mount currently, but I have that and use it to power 3 dew heaters for via a controller for several hours without any issues. The power cable uses a cigarette plug. Brought it for three reasons - 1. because it was cheaper than a branded powerpack for astronomy and 2. Because other people recommended it as an alternative, and 3. after some issues with my car's battery I decided I needed this sucker handy.
  5. In an ideal world, I know I would get at least a HEQ5 (friend has an Az-EQ5, which he rates highly). But since various stores are telling me different things about when they'll be available again, anything from maybe December to maybe February (and this has been going on since early September, when I got told maybe October/maybe November), I'm kind of stuck with this AZ4 on a vibrating aluminium tripod, with pretty poor viewing and no chance of actually beginning my imaging journey. Its not the retailers' fault, but it is frustrating me no end. I've seen a couple of adverts for second hand mounts, but they have either gone before I've seen them or had flaws like rust and as a total newbie to this its scary trying to weigh up how much of a problem things like that are. Sorry for the little rant, its just, people keep telling me to go for the HEQ5, I know itw the better option for me, and I would go over my budget and buy it if I knew I was actually going to get it at some point but I'm glad it's a decent price for the EQM-35 if everything is in full working order. My 102 weights dead on 4 kgs, DSLR 450g, 60mm finder without camera 910g. (weighed it all myself). I haven't got any of the other equipment yet because figuring out what I need is exhausting and I don't want to rush in and buy the wrong things. My DSLR is also a pretty rubbish one from what I've heard (Nikon d3400) so I'm considering upgrading.
  6. And I'm teetering on the brink of saying yes, but I'm not quite sure of my decision. So, for the umpteenth time, I have chosen to come and harass you lovely people on SGL. This EQM-35 looks flawless in photos, no visible dings or scratches, and seller states its in full working order with no defects at all. I have seen a video of it slewing which seems fine. The asking price is £400, and it includes a Lynx cable to connect the SynScan handset to a laptop. However, I don't actually have a clue what I am looking at. I've never used an EQ mount before, yet alone a GoTo, and I'm panicky because of that. I'm so scared of spending money I can't really afford to lose. Given a choice I'd go for an Az-EQ5 or a HEQ5 pro, but a combination of lack of availability and lack of funds means I am unable to get what I really want at the moment. I'm being told different things by different retailers as to when stock will return and estimated dates keep changing. I'm also drawn in by the way you can apparently use the EQM-35 as a glorified Star Adventurer. Just for extra info: I currently have my one decent scope, a 102 OTA (with 60mm finder) on an AZ4 with an aluminium tripod, which was a real bargain and suits me so well for grab and go observing, but by heck is it shaky. My current setup weighs around 5.5kg, including main tube, finder, diagonal and zoom eyepiece so well within the 10kg visual limit for the EQM-35, and I daresay if I was to trade out eyepieces and diagonals for a camera I'd still be just about within the limits for my first forays into the world of imaging. So...to cut my rambling short...what do you guys reckon? Decent deal? Something to steer clear of?
  7. Cheers! Thanks to another person, I've got it now - I really was having a dumb moment and studiously ignoring that those 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock screws were actually what I needed to be looking at kept looking at them thinking "but why are there already screws there, and if I touch them will I break anything?"
  8. Thank you SO much! See, I knew I was just being silly! I've got it now. I kept looking at those screws and flapping, because I couldn't figure out why there were already screws there and I'm a worrier so I was scared of breaking something if I tried playing around with them. Thanks again!
  9. Hi fozzybear, thanks for your help! I'm well and truly stuck, I think messaging them is probably the best idea...I feel like a right dumbo! I got the scope and finder as a package from them directly, so I did check if I needed any extras or whether everything would be in working order right off the bat, and the answer was yes...but, I'm clearly missing something obvious! And I do believe it is definitely me af fault, being a complete newbie to anything other than the occasional glance through a friend's dob
  10. Cheers fifeskies! Those all look great, but I don't think they are particularly what I am after at least, I don't *think* so - but I don't know anything, me, so I'm not exactly sure. This is my finderscope and the bracket on it is the bracket I have - https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/altair-10x60racii-finder-scope.html Its meant to fit my scope, but I'm too busy having a dumb moment to figure out how. This is my scope -https://www.altairastro.com/starwave-102ed-r-fpl53-refractor-459-p.asp
  11. Hey Shimrod! So I have that Altair mounting shoe, I'm just a complete idiot - I'm struggling with how, or where, to fix that actual mounting shoe to the actual scope... Told you it was a stupid question
  12. Genuinely one of the most stupid questions I have ever asked, but here goes. I have an Altair Starwave 102ED-r, and I was given an Altair 60mm finder/guidescope to go with it. Now, being completely new to telescopes, I'm being a bit thick and cannae figure out how to actually attach the thing to the main scope?
  13. Hi all! Bit of a strange question (sorry!). So, I'm now the proud owner of an Altair Starwave 102ED-r, and my granddad (bless him) is making a wooden storage box for it as something to do during this latest lockdown. Now, the main question is - does anyone have any suggestions on what foam to use/where to buy foam to line the box? I want this sucker to be extremely well cushioned, just in case. I have the foam that came with the scope but it doesn't fit the scope particularly well and I can see it banging around a bit. Anyone have any ideas? Also, does anyone have any recommendations on features the box may need? I'm planning to keek a few dessicant saches here and there to try and combat rogue moisture. Any other storage considerations?
  14. Title says it all, really. Looking for a solid AZ4 or AZ5 in full working order. Thanks!
  15. Hi all! So, I have been looking for a relatively cheap "get up and go" mount/tripod for a 102mm F7 scope (tube length approx. 70cm), weight approx. 4kgs, but with a diagonal and a solid zoom eyepiece on board (unsure of total weight, but planning ahead andnsaying 5kgs). Also hope to use a 60mm finder scope on it if possible, but its ok if not. I have been recommended a few different things by different shops. Mainly, the Skywatcher Az4, and even the cheap Celestron heavy duty alt az mount which a significant retailer has recommended (but I am not sure, although the price is lovely). But I'm wondering if anyone else has any recommendations, or advice for me?
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