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  1. Thank you all for the sound advice, i have purchased the PS-08 and the lynxastro cables soar so good
  2. Thats great, i will follow this up thanks for taking the time
  3. It is just the mount, ideally was looking for the uk version of this: Schumacher PC-6 70 Watts 12V AC to DC Power Converter with (1) 12V DC Port Plugs into 12V AC Outlet which was recommended by Skywatcher on various US posts. Thank i will have a look at above, would 5A 60W be suitable ?
  4. Hello, could anybody recommend a suitable power supply to use mains power for the Skywatcher EQ6-R-Pro please
  5. Could anybody please recommend, a power supply suitable for the Skywatcher EQ-6-R pro so that i can run it off of mains power, I have seen various post on US sites but the item is not available on Amazon UK

    1. Cornelius Varley

      Cornelius Varley

      It might be better if you started a new thread rather than post in your status update


    2. YCNTeal


      Thanks very new to this 

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