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  1. My connection is like that handset USB port to PC. Actually this connection is working when I use it with stellarium. The mount is moving to target without a problem when I click the star or nebula on stellarium screen. Thank you Seelive
  2. Thanks Michael for read my notes and look guidelog. As I said, I am newbie. * (Calibration) I stopped it after 3 min it start because I did not know how much it needs. But next time I will wait until it will give some info that finish the calibration (are there any signs?) * (ASCOM driver) I download it from skywatcher web page (link of EQM 35 PRO drivers) but maybe there was problem during to intallation so I will try it again. * And of course I will read this documents too Thank you again.
  3. Hi all, First of all mine english is not so good so sorry for that. I am a new to astrophotography. And my setup is Mount : Skywatcher EQM 35 PRO Tube : Skywatcher Explorer 150PDS (newtonian) Camera : Canon 550D Guide scope : Svbony 60mm compact guide scope Guide cam : Svbony SV105 I know my setup is weak and cheap but for now I have them (budged problem ) I started the hobby at May and I took some photos that not bad for beggining. I reached 60-90 seconds without guiding. After that I thought that
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