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  1. Don't know about the replacing the focuser, but Astro-Baby did an excellent tutorial on a strip down and re-build which should provide some guidance: http://www.astro-baby.com/TAL%20Telescope%20Rebuild/TAL%20Telescope%20Restoration.htm
  2. Yep, I enjoyed it and thought that the team had settled down a bit and looked more comfortable. That said, I thought that the programme was quite 'light' overall and I wouldn't want to see that tone repeated for every episode. I'm looking forward to the 'scope/astronomy doctor' item that was mentioned will appear in the next episode.
  3. How Apollo Flew to the Moon by W David Woods gives you a really thorough background in how the missions were actually flown from launch to splashdown Andrew Chaikin's A Man on the Moon provides a more rounded story about the technicalities and the personalities.# I think that Moonshot by Dan Parry is rather good as well.
  4. Have a look for BBC Horizon programmes on You Tube - lots of good documentaries there.
  5. I shall raise a glass this evening in his memory. Thank you for your inspiration.
  6. Starmap HD, Moon Globe, Stellarium, puniverse, night notes, ISS visibility, Iridium flares, Scope Nights, Sky Harbinger, JupiterMoons
  7. I forgot to say. My photo was taken with a x2 skywatcher barlow attached to the t-ring which was attached to the camera. The skywatcher barlow is threaded so that you can do this.
  8. Seeing the GRS tonight is a first for me as well. Very excited and satisfied!
  9. I've used my scope and DSLR to take photos of the moon. It's so bright you can use short exposures and fast ISO settings so the lack of tracking is no problem at all. Here's one of mine:
  10. You can watch Carl Sagans' Christmas Lectures on the Royal Institutions' Website here: http://richannel.org/christmas-lectures/1977/1977-carl-sagan#/christmas-lectures-1977-carl-sagan--the-earth-as-a-planet
  11. I've got to say that the auto focusser is one of the best upgrades I've made to my scope. I kept the other focus knob on as you can adjust the friction of the drive so that it's loose enough to work on the motor, but still use the knob for large changes in focus.
  12. This site gives you the Lat and Long suitable for entering into your handset: http://itouchmap.com/latlong.html It doesn't give you the numbers as decimals
  13. And here it is from the inside: I'd be grinning too!
  14. I've got the Skywatcher 250 Flex tube auto and I've been very pleased with it. One of the considerations for me was the storage size, and as it collapses into a not so large tube allowed me to have a 10" and be able to store it without it getting in the way too much. Unfortunately, I've nothing to compare it with, so I'd suggest that if you can, try and do a side by side comparison if you could. Your local astronomy club may be able to help.
  15. The problem is that magazines survive by advertising revenue. Sales to you and I count for very little in the overall income of the publisher. As such there is very strong pressure to obtain advertising revenue and keep advertisers happy. This results in either consistently positive reviews or at best fairly anodyne reviews of sub par products. I'm sure that none of this is deliberate on the behalf of reviewers, but it does happen. I would say that it takes a very brave editor to publish a review that they know would upset a major advertiser. That's why I would seek the opinions of other forum users on equipment rather than solely relying on a magazine review. But that said, the influence and veracity of reviews on the internet is under question as well - you've only got to look at the recent 'scandals' on Amazon book reviews and holiday review sites.
  16. Excellent stuff all round! Getting to see that it works is reward enough!
  17. Nice photos! It's my aim to get into some imaging this year, and these photos are inspiration to get to work.
  18. 1.25" illuminated reticule - determined to get to grips with imaging this year!
  19. Check out Heavens above - if you register you get a very accurate prediction of ISS overflights. The site is very good for Iridium flares as well http://www.heavens-above.com
  20. 1. Looking at the moon with a moon ND filter on and then going in search of some Messier objects with the filter still on and forgetting to remove it. 2. Failing to remove the mirror cover. 3. Removing the Telrad and not re-collimating it once it's replaced on the scope. etc etc..... the list goes on.
  21. Gweedo


    I've just looked at the time difference between the UK and Chelyabinsk and they are 6 hours ahead of us. So if your sighting was at 0020hrs then in Chelyabinsk it would be 0620hrs which is close-ish to the timings on the videos coming in. I wonder if your sighting and the event in Russia are connected?
  22. When out observing on the first clear night in ages, feel free to enjoy looking at the moon. Having done so, be certain to remove the moon filter before going on to search for Messier objects. Grrrrr........... spent some time last night in a fruitless search for some Messiers only to realise that I'd had the eyepiece sunglasses on. Talk about making life hard for yourself.
  23. Gweedo


    There are reports of a massive fireball over Chelyabinsk this morning that was accompanied by a shockwave that shattered windows and set off car alarms. Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UyI14L79T0
  24. Curiosity would get the better of me and I'd have to keep digging to find out what it was and solve the mystery!
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