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  1. Hi All, I'm having a slight issue with getting an image using a recently purchased WO Z61 with Flat6. I normally use a DSLR and Lens but thought it was time to upgrade my kit hence the new scope. I spent a week getting used to the kit before I took it out for the first time last night..... didn't go too well. Main issue is I am struggling to get any image on my DSLR live view and I feel like there is something really simple I am not doing. When I go back to my DSLR lens I get a screen full of stars which I can zoom in and adjust focus..... using the WO Z61 I can barely make anything out. When I do eventually find a bright star to focus on and take a test exposure I found I get what I am expected but still on live view the sky/stars is either dim or non existent. I have checked all of the kit, believe I have the correct back focus etc etc so I am putting it out there for a bit of advice or help as I am out of ideas at this stage. Should I expect the same view from my DSLR as I do when viewing through a lens compared to the WO Z61? Kit: Canon 6D mk2 WO Z61 WO Flat 6 Star Adventure Pro Canon 200mm f4 Samyang 135mm Cheers All, Dog
  2. Junare, Welcome to SGL...I bet the dark skies there are amazing. Currently wishing the clouds away here. tonights the night... maybe lol
  3. Hi, I am looking for a suitable travel photography scope. I like to look of the AT60ED but didn't want to commit to US postage. I haven't found any UK stockists yet so reaching out on here. I am also happy to consider similar scopes like Skywatcher 72ED (although slightly too big.) Cheers Dog
  4. Welcome to SGL, The weather is breaking me at the moment also. I am just dying to go out and get some viewing in, perhaps even get the camera set up out. I am hoping there are a few days this weekend which might work for me, although I am hoping the great British weather does not ruin my plans.
  5. Having had a look at all of the suggestions on here I think I might check out the book everyone is recommending - Turn Left at Orion. For myself I have found a happy medium in YouTube and the software Stellarium which is free, you cant really ask for much more there. I have been using the software to familiarise myself with the sky I can see from my yard and it is surprising how well it has sunk in. Having only been viewing now for a few months I am finding that moving through the sky with my EQ3-2 mount quite easy (no go-to), I can locate stars and constellations with out using any aides and just use the software now as a sanity check. Well worth a go if you haven't already tried it, I find it hard to concentrate on books sometimes. Good luck, hope it starts to click into place for you.
  6. I agree with Jiggy 67 here, I am also new to astronomy and I have a keen interest in photography aswell. This meant I was trying to run before I could walk. The best think you can do is learn how to use the telescope first and learn what everything does. Looking at your photos it appears you have some good kit there. I am by no means an expert but I would love to have all that to play with. You are in the right place to learn, ask questions and read the other posts as there is a wealth of information on here which may answer your questions. I recently brought a book which I highly recommend, if you do want to get into astrophotography, but start with the basics first, learn the sky and learn how to use your setup...https://www.firstlightoptics.com/books/making-every-photon-count-steve-richards.html Hit you tube aswell, there are some really good channels out there which run through how the eyepieces work, how to work out what eyepiece is best for your interests and just loads of general information which is great for beginners. Im living on there at the moment when not at work and while the weather here is not that great for viewing. I wish you luck, don't get too frustrated with things, I promise, put in the research and a bit of time, it will all come together. Dan
  7. Hi Roger, Looks like were both from the same neck of the woods. I too am just getting into the swing of things and made a few purchases already. Let me know what club you have approached as I am also looking for somewhere to learn and meet like minded astronomers. I have an interest in photography and am looking at building a rig orientated in that direction, I also have a basic non-tracking viewing rig which I use. Happy to share some info with you if needed. Dan
  8. Welcome back Matt, I'm sure it's all going to come flooding back. Let us know how you get on with the EQ3 mount. I was thinking of making the synscan upgrade but thought if id save a little longer I too could jump to the HEQ5.
  9. Thanks Chaps, I thought this may be the case. I will eventually grab both but knocked the Redcat off the list this time round.... waiting patiently for delivery!
  10. Hi & welcome, Im new here too and finding this place a wealth of info. Good luck with your journey.
  11. I thought that might be the case and in an ideal world I'd buy both haha, but unfortunately im under strict instructions from the wife that it one or the other....happy wife happy life!! I think I am leaning towards the Redcat, purely because it is designed more towards the astrophotographer.
  12. Just tipping my hat to say Hi, still wet behind the ears but enjoying the ride and unboxing shiny new gear lol. Looking forward to picking all your brains.... watch this space! Cheers Dog
  13. Hi All, I am looking for a bit of advice around what bit of kit I should invest in to get my foot in the door with astrophotography. I am struggling to decide what I should be putting on the front of my DSLR to start this journey. I am currently using a Canon 6d MK2 ( un-modded, i know this isn't ideal however i am happy to run with it while I get to grips with things with the intention to upgrade the camera at a later date). I have a StarWatcher Star Adventurer with the EQ wedge and counter weight etc etc, and the standard 6D MK2 kit lens 24-105 f/3.5-5.6. I have been watching a few youtube videos and trawling page after page on the internet and came up with a couple of options which are within my current budget, they are Rokinon/Samyang 135mm F/2 lens or the Redcat 51 F/4. Ive had a look at the other William Optic kit available as well and I am open to one of them however I am a sucker for design and that redcat is right up my street.... but is it the most practical for my expectations? I've also thought about a bigger telephoto lens but i feel like i'd like something which leans more towards astrophotography and I need to take into account all of the other bits and peices which need to be brought at some stage i.e filters, trackers etc. I have also considered purchasing an APO refractor but don't have the wedge to spend on a mount so I am kinda thinking a more lightweight travel friendly astro setup feels the best thing to aim for at the moment considering I already own a star tracker. For my viewing pleasure I am currently using the Sky Watcher Explorer 150p on an EQ3-2 mount. Happy with that at the moment and not looking to upgrade however, open to suggestions. Thanks - Dog
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