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  1. That's interesting thanks Stuart. I presume there's no way of converting to fit files from 3rd party software?
  2. I can buy the upgrades but it's over $150 to get version 3x up to version 4x then there's further upgrades to get you up to the latest version 6 at more cost. Thing is, I don't even know which version works with the 60da :/// it's an awful lot of money.
  3. I agree with the dark look, I think I clipped the histogram. Or the histogram had quite a lot of data to the left during capture :/
  4. Hi I'm having a problem having recently tried ImagesPlus processing v3.82 for my calibration etc. My RAW files show up fine in Photoshop however after calibrating them in ImagesPlus they appear oblong shaped. The dimensions are 1336x3516 ! I've even tried simply converting by RAW's to FIT's without calibration and still get the strange oblong resolution. Has anyone else had this problem or successfully used the 60da with ImagesPlus processing? Any help or advice greatly appreciated Cheers
  5. After a summer break and recently re-setting everything up, I've solved this troubling riddle. I knew it would be something devastatingly simple! The default location Lat/Lon settings in EQMod had been reset to some country thousands of miles away. Despite Stellariums location settings being fine, EQMod was taking charge. Duly changed back to lat 51N lon 3W !
  6. Hi all After a frustrating time getting my head around which side of the pier to begin this image (the dreaded tripod leg collision dilema) I resorted to two nights of imaging for this one. Im very pleased with the results. Using EQMod / Stellarium scope to find the target, disable meridian flip and halt tracking just before the collision point! Canon 1000D / CLS Filter clip Skywatcher 250px Guiding with ToUcam Pro II 25x 5 min exposures Darks on the fly 30x Flats Thanks for looking
  7. Does anyone have any thoughts on the observing prospects for Comet Panstarrs (2014 Q1) next month? Magnitude readings are pretty impressive while its in transit but its elongation is looking tricky for us Northern hemisphere folk.
  8. Could come in handy as a guide scope? Go on.. come over to the dark side
  9. There's one unanswered question that would help with this mystery ... How many bottles of vodka had you got through at this point? On a more serious note... I've never heard or seen anything like this before. I cant think of any natural, logical explanation unless it was something much nearer to your location which somehow caused an optical the illusion that made it look like it was in the upper atmosphere ? (Reflection off the vodka bottle? ... sorry couldn't resist).
  10. Hi Dave It's a good enough showpiece for me. Approved. Getting a good response peeps, keep em coming! Matt
  11. Thanks Altais. Great image, you've caught the little Dumbbell brilliantly in there too. Approved and showing publicly now ;-)
  12. A new website was launched in the spring and we're looking for anybody who would like to show off their comet images in our gallery section. As you will see, there's not too many on there yet! Images can be uploaded on this page. It would be great to have some SGL members efforts. There's no limitations as to what comet, how long ago etc. As long as its a pic of a comet and it is your own imagery. http://www.cometwatch.co.uk/comet-photo-gallery-2/ The site as a whole is still in its infancy so any suggestions, criticism's welcomed Regards Matt
  13. This is a very informative and interesting thread. I fear though that council's really wont be interested in changing street lighting solutions based on what wavelengths are most effective to the human eye or most easily filtered. It would be far too costly to invest in something that will result in a product that wont do their intended job any better (lighting up the streets). The only way we could convince council's to make any changes is if there was a clear financial benefit (the only reason we see come council's having switch off periods or the installation of 'intelligent lights' as mentioned above). It's a miracle that some council's have even thought about more downward directional lights... lets just count our blessings there. Sorry if I sound negative. I would love for council's to consider light pollution issues more seriously as much as the next fellow astronomer but at the end of the day, money talks when it comes to council's priorities. Put in to perspective, no street light is as a bad a light polluter as our very own moon when she's full. Naughty Luna! Matt
  14. Hi Eric I find that due to local conditions that can have a play, its impossible to find an accurate app or website. I find the best way is to watch over the satellite cloud cover images (both visual and infa-red). If you look at the past few hours, you can see the general direction of travel and behaviour of the cloud and more or less predict what's ahead. If it ties up with most forecasts then it usually serves me well anyway. I find this site particularly useful for the satellite imagery but you must click on the 'loop' button so you can see the previous few hours and see what direction the cloud is moving (in 15 minute intervals) http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/weather/satellite/UK.htm and to prevent ruining your kit with rain, always check this site... http://www.raintoday.co.uk Cheers Matt
  15. Do you think it could handle the 2amp spike in current when I slew my 10" at 800x ?
  16. Although the weather behaved all through new moon and crescent phases (credit where its due)... Luna is back... and sleepy time for my scope :-)
  17. I thought the same thing Tinker, but it looks ok. Its on 51'8 N and 3 W which is correct. Very bizarre problem. From memory on my last session I did disconnect the USB when still connected to EQMOD but cant believe it would cause this (cause me to be unable to connect yes maybe but not an RA direction problem :\).. I also looked a the EQMOD Driver settings before I had this issue but again, EQMOD is operating fine. As a side note, in the EQMOD Driver setup, it cant detect the com port when I press the search button ('Not Found'), however entering it manually makes it work (i cant remember if the search option is supposed to find the com port or not anyway)
  18. Im having a strange issue thats driving me crazy!. Here is my setup EQ6 Pro GOTO Connected to laptop via USB to Serial to handcontroller in PC Direct mode Using eqmod and stellarium scope which are both communicating with the mount fine. However, If I choose any star or object in stellarium and tell it to slew (spacebar to centre on object and ctrl-f1 to slew mount)..... the mount actually slews in the wrong direction in RA! (ie when it should be slewing East, it goes West and vice-versa.. makig the scope point in totally the wrong direction despite the fact that according to stellarium its on the target. I've made sure the reverse RA or reverse DEC options in EQMOD are not selected. When I click home, the mount correctly retrurns to the park position.Here's the real kicker.. if I use the W or E buttons in EQMOD it actally does slew the right way! Its just when I use stellarium it goes the wrong way! I've checked my PC's time and date and my location in stellarium is correct. Does anyone know of a settings I could have unkowingly tripped that could cause this behaviour? Im lost without stellarium to find my dark targets :\ Thanks in advance for any help Matt
  19. Always had an interest in the night sky but my first view of a Lunar Eclipse in 1996 set things off for me. Then the Solar eclipse in 1999 sealed the fascination. First scope wasn't until 2005 though. First views of the Moon, Jupiter followed later by Saturn all in same summer and a lifetime marriage was sealed!
  20. Looks like the laws of 'buying new scope physics' have kicked in already and the showers have rolled in... unlike the earlier poster, I missed my opportunity to get the grass seed down so... when's the delivery date? Seriously, enjoy it.. in hindsight of my purchases, I think 8" is the sweet spot where aperture vs handling/storage are concerned. I love my 10" but sometimes the step ladder action can be a pain!
  21. Incredible image. Not seen one of the triplet this deep. One day I may move over to the dark side that is LRGB imaging!
  22. I was going to upload my trusty DSLR of the needle from last night but now I've seen this, I wont bother. Awesome image. Colours, depth and plent of smaller galaxies in there too!
  23. Works great Matt. Not ideal for observing sometimes as it requires a stepladder to reach the eyepiece at certain locations in the sky at high altutude. It also needs extra long cables for imaging purposes. As for balancing and weght, the EQ6 handles it like a baby :-) Having tracking makes a world of difference for observing. It makes you spend plenty more time gorping at objects when at high magnitude (such as planets, moon, globulars and tight doubles etc).
  24. Ok not quite a marathon, but I've had some great success at getting a few galaxies up here in the UK after some nice spring weather! M100 Cocoon Galaxy (NGC4490) M106 Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) All taken through Skywatcher 250px Modded Canon 1000D CLS Filter Clip ISO 800 sessions of multiple 5 or 6 minute exposures Darks on the fly (noise reduction on) Flats & Bias Thanks for watching
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