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  1. Hi Sorry if posted in wrong section but I wanted to post in the Social Groups and Observatories section of SGL but noticed there is not sub-forum for Somerset. I wanted to promote the Bridgwater Astronomical Society to any SGL members out there in Somerset. Mods, please move where necessary Cheers Matt
  2. Only, selling as upgraded all my kit. Celestron CG-5 Advanced GT Mount Good working order. 1x Alt bolt is a replacement bolt (see image) but works fine. Includes counterwieght and handcontroller. Handcontroller in excellent condition and full working order. Celestron C6 OTA OTA housing, mirrors etc all in Excellent condition, hardly used. Includes original finderscope and also additional finderscope bracket fotted (can be used for for larger versions or guide scope if required etc). £650 the lot (Or may be sold separately). Will accept cash-in-hand or bank transfer before collection Collection only (Somerset) PM for more details / any questions Thanks
  3. An interesting article outlining the possibility of observing the solar eclipse on 21 Aug 2017 from the UK. admittedly it's a very partial eclipse at a painfully low altitude in the UK but anyone who fancies a challenge on 21 Aug to distract them from the fact that they couldn't get to the USA might find this handy! http://www.americaneclipse2017.org/observing-from-the-uk/ Cheers
  4. Cometwatch have an article about it with detailed findercharts... http://www.cometwatch.co.uk/650m-asteroid-2014-jo25-close-approach-to-earth/
  5. Have to admit it's a hard pill to swallow. It's similar to peak holiday charges in the summer months when the kids are off school. At the end of the day it's the nature of supply and demand. The higher the demand while supply dwindles, the higher they will charge because, well, people will pay for it. Harsh I know.
  6. I have imagesplus but (an old version, 3.82) and Photoshop cs5. ill try to find the love jovejoy thread...
  7. Hi All Does anyone know of a good tutorial for processing 2 stacked images of a comet (one stacked on stars, the other stacked on the comet's nucleus)? I know DSS has a feature but is there a better method in Photoshop? I've got two nice images of comet 41p / M97 / M108 last night and not sure where to start with getting a composite so the background stars aren't streaked. Any help greatly appreciated. Enjoy the clear skies!
  8. A bit of a twist isn't it. It's nice to have a bit of variety year on year with this very successful series but I have to agree, it wont inspire amateur astronomers in the same way. it may make us UK astronomers more envious of their weather (and Southern sky gems?) :o) I'm sure they'll do some live snippets home here too. Hope comet 41p brightens just a little more and gets a mention.
  9. Dear budding astro-imagers! Please Help! I have two stacked images of Comet 41P. One stacked on the stars, the other stacked on the comet. As most people know, stacking on the stars causes the comet to become elongated and stacking on the comet causes streaky stars and the solution is a composite. Does anyone know of a good step-by-step tutorial on how to do it? Preferably in Photoshop (I don't really like the DSS solution). What methods have others found successful? Any help greatly appreciated
  10. I must admit, I used to write my websites in html from scratch in notepad but they looked so 90's :o). I guess over the years, I've gotten lazy with the added ease and features in WP (such as mobile responsiveness, easy customisable galleries etc). With the knowledge that I have, I feel it's 'just' enough to go it alone. For a non-profit website, I don't see the sense in forking out to have it done for you. :|| Granted, it's that very philosophy that gives me the headache of wrangling with some php/css in WP but once sorted in a child theme, it's done and I can carry on easily administering the website without having to write code every time I want to add things to it.
  11. I've had a play. I've managed to reduce the awful padding around the content. I can remove the footer completely but have left it there until I find out how to make the box a bit smaller and stick it to the bottom. Once I post more articles it will go further down anyway. Getting there...
  12. Thanks for the useful replies. I totally agree with the sidebar size issue it's something I'm still wrangling with in Wordpress. It's not a standard setting that can be altered in the theme (Twentyfifteen theme), so I'll have to work out how to customise this in php :||| I'll also work on loosing the copyright bar. p.s. any wordpress coding experts out there? Help! :-)
  13. Nice capture. I'm still yet to image this one. The UK clouds are being a pest. Looking forward to observing and imaging this one in the coming week's (quietly confident it will reach naked eye)
  14. Hi All I've completely revamped my website and wondered if I could have some feedback? Here's some points I'm particularly interested in - Any functionality issues (desktop and mobile devices) - Broken URL's - Typo's / grammatical errors (I'm not the greatest ) - General look and feel - Any other suggestions / critisizms welcome www.mattastro.com I'm in a quandary about the menu on mobile devices. Should I have it so it is visible when you first visit? Or do people nowadays generally know about the menu button on responsive design websites? Cheers all
  15. I was aware that the comet was just on the edge of the Ophiuchus star field but wasn't aware of that particular cluster. A nice bonus ?
  16. Well ok Bill's image absolutely blows mine out of the water. What an image! Thanks for the comparison Dave.... I think lol Agreed Stub, sometimes when you've been doing this hobby for long enough you lose sight of the achievements. I think my disappointment stems from easily hunting down comets of a much fainter magnitude in the past. My expectations were leaning towards a pretty picture rather than an object hunting excercise. I'm rarely a morning astronomer ?.Looking forward to well placed 41P in the spring
  17. Well, In hindsight, I would not have set my alarm at 5am for this result. Granted, the sky is beautiful at this time in the morning but Comet 45p was a disappointment and my warm bed made it very hard to get up so early on a work day. It's supposed to be around magnitude 8 but it's obviously quite diffuse. Using EQMod and StellariumScope, I forgot to update Stellarium's TLE data for the comet so half an hour was wasted continuously adjusting positions, taking images and scratching head [Repeat]. Given time restraints before nautical dawn kicked in, this is just 2x 90sec exposures. No darks or bias. Hoping things improve before closest approach.
  18. 1....reading up on TeleVue Radian Eyepieces 2. This doesn't really count but I thought it should get an honourary mention... I had a close shave when my Eq6 Synscan Pro + Ed80 + Guide scope were left out over night in 60mph winds. Woke up in the morning to be greeted with 3 tripod legs sticking out positioned horizontally. Magically, the scope rings took the brunt of the impact and the guide scope tube had some little dents in it. That was all that really broke. Mount up and tracking the very next night.
  19. There have been 4 asteroid passes in the past month that all passed between the Earth-Moon distance. All of which were discovered only days before. Amazing really.
  20. Has anyone managed to observe Comet 45P yet? It should be a couple degrees from Denab Okab before dawn tomorrow. (About 8 degrees to the right of Denab) low on the horizon though.
  21. First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR all at SGL! Wishing you all a very enjoyable, prosperous and cloud free year. What are people's thoughts on the year ahead astronomically? I must admit I'm quite excited for the months ahead. There's quite a lot going on up there :-) 3 bright(ish) comets, two of these comets will be in the same constellation in April! All three should easily reach binocular viewing brightness. Then in August there's 'The Big One' if you live in America or are planning on visiting. Even though I wont witness it, I'm still intrigued as to how this will compare to the 1999 eclipse and just what kind of media frenzie the world will get in to on this one. Any other events people are looking forward to this year?
  22. Wow thanks Paul, Sky Safari continually surprises me all things considered. I wonder if it can accept tle data... hmmm This is the kind of thing I'm looking for but with the ability to import the data.
  23. Can anybody recommend the best software for plotting the path of comets on to star charts from ephemeris data? I want to make finder charts of my own. Any help greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
  24. Thanks for the post Meredith. My thoughts are exactly the same. No doubt that next year is 'The Big One' and certainly comparable to the 1999 eclipse which was my only experience of totality (albeit clouded out in Cornwall). There's a great article here comparing the 1999 and 2017 eclipses as record breakers. I don't think I'll make it to the States either and I too have had my eye on 2026 for my first proper view of a total solar eclipse. These events are so far and few between near any one given location and unless you're an eclipse chaser with lots of time and money, you have to take the plunge to tick off that item on the bucket list! ..the fast show... They don't make em like that anymore
  25. Has anyone else had problems connecting the Starlight Express Filter Wheel to a Windows 10 machine? My filter wheel model number is SXFW-543. Connecting the USB cable causes it to continually connect and disconnect. I've tried different USB cables, same problem occurs. I've installed the SX filter wheel ASCOM driver and Filter Wheel Program but windows does not recognise the hardware. Any help would be much appreciated Cheers
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