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  1. Hi, if this is still available and its £100 inc delivery, I will take it. Let me know Lee
  2. Hi Looking to add a good quality low mag EP to my collection. Was thinking somewhere 28mm and above, can take 1.25 or 2" and as wide a FoV I can get. Thinking in the Williams, Explore Scientific, Baader, TeleV... range or other good quality without having to sell a kidney to buy... Lee
  3. Thanks for the advice... I managed to catch Saturn briefly with the Hyperion + Barlow and with the small FoV it was moving out of view quickly, so thought a fixed EP at high mag with wide FoV would give me an improved image for longer... Hmmmm, some points to consider....
  4. Hi everyone! Like a lot of new amateurs I am completely overwhelmed with the choice of eyepieces. I have a Sky Watcher 250P Classic on a dob for visual astronomy. I have recently purchased the Hyperion IV 8-24mm zoom (with 2.25 Barlow) as my general roaming around EP. Now potentially looking for a high powered EP with large FoV to get those detailed views of planets and DSOs - the question is which should I buy? I was thinking something in the 2.5-6mm range and happy to go up to say £250 price point for the right EP. So, what is the wisdom? A 6mm and Barlow, or some where
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