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  1. Hi Tim, Is this still available? How may I contact you to discuss? Kind regards, Oli
  2. Hello fellow gazers, I recently bought a "skywatcher RA economy drive for EQ2" and" ZWO 120ms-c camera" to try my hand at some planetary photos using my Skywatcher Explorer EQ2. I'm having two issues which I was hoping you could advice me on: 1. The motor speed is extremely slow, hardly detectable by eye, is this normal? 2. The objects do not track on the telescope and the whole mound feels extremely wobbly despite me resetting it (twice) following the manual. The thread on the RIA rotates before mounting the motor felt extremely tight despite loosening the lock screws. I also noti
  3. Hi everyone, I've joined the site following a recommendation from my colleague who also is a member (thanks JohnC64!) My first telescope has just been delivered - a Skywatcher Explorer 130 EQ2 purchased for what I feel was a very good price from Rother Valley Optics. I've decided that I have to do everything manually for at least a year to really get to know the hobby at a basic level. Can't wait to get my first look at the planets from the end of my fenland garden! Looking forward to being a part of the community. Oli
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