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  1. Another option is the Tecnosky Cubo. With lighter APOs I've used mine without the balance weight bar and with an LZOS100/800 andTSA-120 weight counterweights. I recommend using the Tecnosky half-pier between the head and the tripod for additional clearance.
  2. These two small L-brackets with holes as a finder scope are a nice touch !
  3. Hi John, Yes the LOMO 102/800 is really faultless. Your LZOS 130 is one of those perfect optics as well I've heard. I've only experienced the faster ones myself. Never had dew issues with mine.
  4. Unless I get some sudden aperture fever, this one is staying with me forever : APM LOMO 102/800. It's a CNC LW version so it has a Kruppax 50 tube. The best 4" I've ever looked through. (dewshield is removed to show the lens cell)
  5. Takahashi FC-76DS new in box Including : Tak clamshell, Tak 6x30 finder scope, Tak finder bracket Bought new March 2020 (2309€) Selling this fantastic fluorite doublet due to change of travel plans Price : 1700€ Steven <private email address removed>
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