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  1. First scope. 6” Dob. Apologies to everyone in the north west who will now have cloudy skies for the next month
  2. Hi all, fairly new to the astronomy/astrophotography game, i am still waiting patiently on my first telescope to be delivered. According to clearoutside.com i am going to have a few nights of hopefully clear skies, i thought i could use this to practise getting started with some wide field imaging and practise processing any images i capture. Can anyone recommend any constellations or area of the sky that i will be able to image tonight in bortle 7/8 skies?(UK) I know the moon will also be out and extremely bright which i know isn't ideal but i am more interested in practising getting t
  3. Hi SGL, I've been a semi-frequent lurker here over the last year or so. I've been observing the sky when possible through a good pair of binoculars, i travelled to a dark site a few month back to try my hand at some astrophotography (failed miserably, completely botched my camera settings) and visited a local astronomy club twice. Other than these half hearted attempts to take up astronomy i'm pretty much a complete beginner. I recently ordered a SkyWatcher Skyline 150P Dobsonian telescope, i'm super excited for it to arrive, although now sort of wishing i would've forked out the ext
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