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  1. Those look fantastic! I'm showing mine from July 22 (As seen with the naked eye) but I'm not really good at sketching, but, here it is...
  2. Ok, so I was stacking some exposures of the milky way, and when I got the final image, the program shook me with a weird coma effect in the top right corner. No, it's not because of the lens as single exposures were perfect. Does anyone know what is this, and/or how to solve this horrible issue? BTW, this is the image with removed edges, but the effect is still there
  3. WOW that looks impressive! The barred spiral at top left makes it even better!
  4. The thing has disappeared from LASCO field. It could be a fast moving asteroid. But the hopes for a supernova are over
  5. A star has appeared today in LASCO C3 camera field. It's negative magnitude, near the sun, but not enough to be in LASCO C2. It might be an outburst of a comet, or a SUPERNOVA. If this is the case, then it should be very bright in the next couple of weeks. Before After
  6. The comet is now officially below naked eye visibility... R. I. P
  7. Seems to be a nice small-budget choice... Is it noisy? I'm quite influenced by my noisy camera and want to get the least noisy camera possible in an affordable budget...
  8. I searched for hours, and failed in finding a shop to modify nikon dslrs
  9. I would definitely do that, except for the fact that in Spain, only Canon cameras are able to be modified in shops.
  10. That's great news! I found the modified d5600 both naked and full range. Here's the link... https://www.astroshop.eu/astromodified-dslrs/nikon-camera-dslr-d5600a-full-range/p,53134
  11. I found a modified nikon d5600. The next step is to save some money...
  12. Thanks! Helpful indeed! The only thing I'm a bit worried about is to make myself the filter... If I had to dfo it myself, then I would be looking for a Baader BCF... Still don't know if someone modifies nikon cameras...
  13. I've been recently interested in deep sky astrophotography. I have a nikon D90. I tried to photograph comet NEOWISE yesterday. I got good results, except, the images were very noisy. So I'm now looking for a new DSLR, surely Canon, which makes low noise. Then I'll request someone modify it for capturing h-alpha. I've been deciding between the EOS 6Da,EOS 60Da and Ra. I decided by the 60Da as it was the cheapest, but it isn't anywhere for sell. I'm not sure if I will buy a EOS 60D and modify it, to be like the 60Da. ¿Is it a good idea? If not, ¿Any other good DSLRs? Thank you...
  14. I photographed the comet again. The tail was quite long, 15 degrees long. The comet was mag 3 or 4. Still a beautiful sight from my bortle scale 2 location.
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