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  1. The comet's red tail... Its composition is still unknown. It is likely made of sodium or oxygen. I have two theories: 1. The comet was formerly interstellar. It was captured by the sun. It has a high amount of oxygen and when it comes near the sun, a red oxygen tail is visible. 2. The comet is Not interstellar,but it has a rarely high amount of sodium. The tail is clearly visible due to the high amount of sodium. It is thought that C/2011 L4 is an example of this case. Which one is more plausible for you?
  2. Unbelievable image by Michael Jaeger! The comet's blue tail seems to be LONGER THAN 15 DEGREES (!).
  3. Hmm... The red tail is more mysterious each passing instant... It's shown that it can't be of oxygen as the comets in our system practically don't have this. Could it be (or not) sodium? Hope someone knows something about it...
  4. Holy! I love those scopes! Planning to buy Esprit 100 and AZEQ6 in the future...
  5. Yeah, it must have been amazing... However, NEOWISE looks really similar to West...
  6. Hmm... The comet has a 3rd tail, possibly of oxygen or sodium.
  7. Since Hale - Bopp in 1997 (Without counting McNaught in 2007 because of very poor conditions).
  8. Yeah! Got wiews of jupiter and saturn on my 180 Mak, and a beautiful comet in the twilight of the morning!
  9. Looks nice! The "chromatism" is kind of artistic in that image.
  10. Well, according to COBS, the estimated magnitude is 1.6, but it is obvious that they can be wrong...
  11. Check out in COBS. The comet is now 1.6 mag, and there appears to be a tiny chance that the comet is in an outburst.
  12. These look great! But I think the last one isn't completely right. I don't think the comet was so dim today. A 3rd magnitude comet would not be naked eye visible in the twilight. I think the comet is brighter than in your ephemerids.
  13. But it's not a thing yet, so we have to wait a little. It could be good (let's hope so) or just bad measurements, but I'm optimistic and I hope it does brighten!
  14. The COBS webpage shows it will be brighter than 2nd mag until the 27th or so...
  15. I've probably got the greatest news of the history of this thread. THE COMET COULD BE BRIGHTENING AGAIN (!!)
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