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  1. got a celestron 102 SLT got a 9 mm and mead 3000plossl 5mm lense 25 mm wich one is best for locating planets or seeing planets, been told to get a tal for the celestron but clueless, also my 2nd scope skywatcher 114pm wich is suppose to be a good scope but havent seen anything good as yet, my celestron read the instructions carefully lined everything up scope went through its motions looking for planets and comstilations, but lined up still didnt see no planets jus loads of stars, can any one tell me what im doinjg wrong, and yes i am a noooob lol thanks john skywatcher2
  2. just joind this forum couple weeks ago,still trying to find my way about the forum. tha advise in endles and the ppl here very imformative, as im only a noob at the moment but willing to learn,would any one give me advise on the scopes im using cos all im seeing at the moment are star clusters and no planets. my main scope is the celestron nexstar 102 CLT computerised, read the instructions lined up with 3 stars and was amazed scope knew were all the constelations and planets were,but didnt see them lol im must be doing something wrong , mead series 3000 plossl 5mm multicoated lense wich is no doubt a good lense but eye straining to see any thing out of it, using my celestron. got 3 more eye lenses celestron 25mm, and 9 mm and super 10 eye releif. not sure wich is better for deep veiwing, i also have a skywatcher skyhawk 114pm with out ra motor,but seing nothing really spectacular as yet can any surgest a better lense for my scopes, would it make any difference getting a 2x barlow or tal for my celestron,mabeim just too impatient and not got the right night lol can some one help me thanks john the noooooob
  3. can some one help me i just really started astronomy and all i see is stars night after night no planets, as ive always wanted to see, i got 2 scopes one the skywatcher 114pm wich is supposed to be a good scope but seen nothing interesting as yet. my other scope is the celestron nextstar 102 SLT computerised, lined it up great, want to see planets not so great all i see is clusters, any one advise me what im doing wrong read al the instructions still nothing, im really interested in astronomy but getting a little fedup, tonight for exsample clear night and nothing but stars through my scope,s help... some one, john reguards
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    powertank for celestron SLT please pm me thanks john
  5. hi david im from liverpool to, question were the best spots to go take my scope the light palution were i am in anfiled is awfull, back yards no good too many street lamps to contend with, ive been on SG1 couple weeks and just getting round this forum, and also the stargazing aspect i have a celestron nexstar SLT and also Skywatcher skyhawk 115pm EQ! Mount but setting up in my yard complete waste of time, need some were weres there no light palution, reguards and welcome to SG! john skywatcher2
  6. Meade ETX LS 6" ACF Telescope just baught this this afternoon and i was absalutaly amazed at the quality what do u think guys john
  7. got my first ever glimps of mercury tonight well happy using celstron nexstar slt awsome but thats with added palution from liverpool city lights. need a filter of some kind can any one surgest one for my nexstar please thanks john
  8. i havent seen the moon in 3 days, must be me or my location john
  9. hay nice scope .. bottle wine looks tempting heheh
  10. hi guys im from liverpool anfield next to liverpools grounds, any good idea were to go to get the best views of planets, got a back yard but to light were i am to see much apart from starts mabe clusters.. john reguards
  11. thanks guys for making us welcome freind of mine told me about sgl, ive decided to upgrade to the mCelestron Nexstar 4 SE CCD Nex Image PC Package ead, thanks graham for the inspiration with the noobie scope. john
  12. like thew sound of kider can any one come or do we need to book a spot, john
  13. hello guys im like in the same boat, not sure wich scope to buy got a couple hundred quid to spend. just need advise on wich scope, i live in a city and pretty dificult for me to get around, but i got some good ppl who will help get me out a liverpool city start star watching wich has been my passion for years, but now i want to get in the know how and start looking at planets and the soler skys. thanks john here....
  14. skywatcher2

    Celestron Nexsta SLT

    Celestron Nexstar SLT
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