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  1. i have tried to set my LMST/UT my local time and my daylight saving time , and still the best STARS are way off, they are not even up yet or the wrong side of the meridian... after trying 10 time i gave up, no sense sending the mount below the horizon...im in Tilbury , Ontario Canada Long: East,82,25,22 Lat: North,42,15,41. the actual time on these pics is 10:34 pM , Friday , March 17, 2017 maybe someone has sen this before. thank Starhunter.
  2. i do have both , and i tend to notice the XSI has lower SNR on longer exposure, and .. when im using live view the T2i tends to overheat the CMOS and close the shutter , i dont have that problem with the XSi, i can leave it open as long as i want. if need be. but in terms of "better then" thats a personal choice and dont forget 12M to a 18M on the T2i. in terms of resolution...IMO Mitch
  3. Hi guys Gals, if some one owns an ATIK16 please let me know how they solved the dewing on the CCD plate...even after 30 min of pre-cooling its still forms water droplets, Oye!!! Mitch
  4. To me its canon all the way, my first one was the EOS rebel (300D) from then on Canon XTi , XSi and T2i... all of which are great astro cameras. My XSi is full Spectrum mod. the one battery will last 2 hours of 180 Subs or more/ Mitch
  5. i tried the same thing and got this... Picasa Web Albums - Michel - Moon and planets
  6. we also get to see the ISS here in Canada and i use Orbitron to track it, i love it its alerts you to an overpass... here is my attempt at taking a photo of it going 17,500 mph. Picasa Web Albums - Michel A - Outer Space
  7. we also get to se the ISS here in canada and i use Orbitron, i love it its alerts you to an overpass... here is my attempt at taking a photo of it going 17,500 mph. Picasa Web Albums - Michel A - Outer Space
  8. starhunter

    Comets and northern lights

    some of my photos...
  9. when i was 4 years old , my mom told me that i said " look the moon".6 years later i would be buying my first 60mm from Sears and my first look at saturn (by accident) looking out the window of my bedroom blew me away. I got my first Astro BUG BYTE... 40 years later the toys are more expensive but the LOVE never went away. dats my story and im sticking to it! :- ) Clear skies.
  10. I have a Canon Digital Rebel XTi 10 MP , its awesome for DSO , ive taken Orion nebulae, horse head and M31 with it all under 5 minutes of exposure. i have over 20,000 shutter clicks so far and still going strong...
  11. Hi Kcaputs, A warm welcome to SGL, keep on looking and you will find! Be safe...
  12. please give us a description of your equipment,,, will go from there.. clear skies..
  13. got to agree , get Stellarium first, then learn a few constellations, finally look for the brighter objects, planets, and brighter deep sky objects, the idea is not to give up or to get frustrated, have patience, and find one object at a time, Enjoy the night sky ...the rest will come to you.
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