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  1. Hi, Selling two 2" filters as I no longer need them. Idas lps d2 broadband filter, especially designed to combat LED light pollution. No original box, but the case is included. SOLD Explore Scientific UHC filter. Original box, transmission chart and case included. SOLD Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Thanks both, yes I've read horror stories too which makes me unsure. I'm trying to decide between an rc and newt for relatively fast dso imaging. Either way I'll have to learn collimation. Im definitely looking for speed over focal length. Just feel like the rc design may be better for imaging than newt. Refractor a bit slow and expensive.
  3. Selling my almost new (purchased about 2 months ago) Raspberry pi4 4gb model with a 64gb microsd card with stellarmate os installed. I am also selling the official 3A power plug, heat sink and clock module which keeps the time running when power is not connected. This mini pc can control the whole imaging setup, including mount, cameras, focuser, dome etc. This also works with pretty much all the camera brands unlike the zwo system. https://www.stellarmate.com/products/stellarmate-os.html This system can connect to a local WiFi network or as a Hotspot when out in the field. As
  4. For sale is a great condition Celestron C8 XLT Advanced (black tube version). I bought this used at the start of this year as my foray into astronomy. I now only image so I've decided to go for a more suitable scope for the targets im interested in. Since purchasing, I've added celestron CGE (same fitment as losmandy) dovetails top and bottom for a more secure mount fitment and for a guidescope up top. I also have a standard vixen dovetail (with marks) as a spare if your mount does not take the larger format (included). The scope also comes with a celestron F6.3 focal reducer/fl
  5. Hi, since I do very little visual astronomy, I've decided to sell a few items to help fund astrophotography gear...these have seen almost no use and were purchased around March/April this year. Revelation astro 2" quartz dialectric star diagonal (SCT screw fit) - SOLD Baader hyperion 17mm eyepiece with 10mm extension ring and pouch - SOLD Skywatcher 28mm 2" LER eyepiece SOLD Sony NEX E mount T2 adapter £10 incl postage Antares ND13 2" filter (used once) £15 incl postage Generic light pollution filter (FLO)- £15 incl postage Any questions, please ask.
  6. For sale is a Celestron lithium power tank, which was purchased new about 4 months ago. This holds the charge very well and is reasonably small and light. Only selling because i need a more powerful power supply for a new mount. This provides 3A at 12V. Original charger and securing mechanism and box included. Any questions, please ask. Shipping included in the price. Asking for £95. Collection would be preferable, but shipping at buyers risk is possible.
  7. Hi, unfortunately for now yes as I dont have a box even close to being big enough. Sorry.
  8. Hi, Selling a few items. - 2" revelation Astro quartz dielectric diagonal In perfect condition. I've used this twice so far, but I have found that I only really do astrophotography rather than visual observing so I've decided to sell. £85 shipped (royal mail) - 2" sky watcher OVL panaview 38mm eyepiece. Again, used twice. Really great quality and superb condition. This has a 70° field of view. £75 shipped (royal mail) SOLD Also selling my celestron cg5 advanced gt goto mount. Great condition, bar one screw on the dec clutch where the head is not in great shape (from
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