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  1. Thank you alicant and Craig. I have precisely centred the spider and re-colimated using a colimated laser, colimation cap and a long cheshire. A session last night appears to show that the scope is now properly colimated, although the seeing was not optimal. At least I could see that a de-focussed star was symetrical. You are right Craig, the offset is built into the secondary; it's 5mm +/- a bit of measurement inaccuracy. I also checked that the focuser is orthogonal to the tube axis. So, I think all is good now. If the seeing is good enough tonight I may do some imaging; that shou
  2. I have a Quattro 250 f4 which is out of colimation. I bought this scope as a used item which I think has been fiddled with. I know that this scope must have secondary mirror offset. However, I am having trouble finding out whether the mirror is mounted offset on the stem, or, whether the offset is set in the spider vanes. If the spider should be offset, does anyone know exactly how much this should be? I have tried contacting OVL but have had no response from them. If you have this scope yourself, could I please ask you if you could measure the spider to see if the secondary carrier is of
  3. I have for sale my Skywatcher Startravel 120. Objective lens 120mm; Focal length . It is in excellent condition, clean and only very minor marks. Clean optics, no fungus. The focusser is the original one and works smoothly; 1.25" and 2" adaptors. With both caps. A very good starter scope, or good as a portable scope. Included accessories: red dot finder; 90 degree star diagonal; 10mm & 25mm EPs; mobile phone adaptor. All in as new condition. Please don't ask me to split this package. Price £140.00 no offers. It will be very well packed. Payment: paypal or bank
  4. I would like to buy the scope, but only if I can arrange for it to be collected by a carrier. Personal collection not an option for me. Phil
  5. Do you have a HEQ5 mount for sale? I will be wanting one complete with stepper motors, ready to connect with EQMOD. It must be in good condition with no known faults. Please PM me if you can offer me one. Thank you
  6. I missed out on johnindery's counterweight. If you do have a spare one please PM me, so I don't miss it. Thanks
  7. if you have a 1.8kg EQ3/EQ5 counterweight you don't want, I would like to buy it off you. I can collect if you are not too far from me. Thanks.
  8. Hi all. I have now set up EQDIR with a cable and FTDI I had in my goodies box. I have ASCOM, EQMOD and PHD2 installed. I'm very pleased to say that it all works very nicely. I just need some clear nights now for getting everything calibrated. The SYNSCAN hand controller is now back in its box. Thank you for sending in this direction.
  9. Thanks guys, I am now away for two weeks. I think I may have a suitable cable at home. I'll post again when home and able to try things out.
  10. Julian, that can't be done. The hand set connector is RJ12 and the Motor controller box has a RJ45 connector; unless I can get a suitable cable to do this. In any case I still want to be able to keep handset control for normal control functions, such as slew limits, horizon and so on.
  11. I have a Skywatcher EQ3/2 Pro mount with Synscan GOTO. Hand set version 4.15 with firmware v 4.39.10, upgraded from 4.39.04. I have Stellarium installed on a Windows 10 laptop, also installed on a Linux laptop with Ubuntu19.10 Eoan Ermine. I was having trouble getting a connection to my EQ3/2 Synscan hand controller. It was a faulty HC. I now have a replacement HC which connects properly to Stellarium. I can now slew the scope from Stellarium, however, it will only slew to targets in approximately half of the sky; if I try to get it to acquire a target in the problem half of t
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