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  1. Try popping over the mountain to Caerphilly!! I swear it rains here more than anywhere!
  2. I’ve just finished an extended loan of one and my review of it will be on the SVBONY website soon. In some aspects, I actually preferred using it to my skywatcher Ed72, particularly the built-in field rotator making for easy target-framing. It’s very capable both photographically and visually and I managed to take a dozen or so images which I was happy with. On paper it’s SPL-51 glass might sound less impressive than the SPL-53 found elsewhere, but i reckon in 95% of cases, observing conditions and poor processing skills (like mine) would be the major limiting factors rather than whether the glass is one sort or the other.
  3. Hi all. I’m using a SVBONY cls filter on an astromodded EOS600D. I took some images of M27 the other night and even with calibration frames, I have massive issues with colour balance, particularly most of the stars which appear abnormally red. Does anyone have similar issues and tips how to balance it all out?
  4. Sorry to resurrect an older thread, but I’m thinking of a Zenithstar 73 in almost the same way, with a DSLR, on my star adventurer with a guiding through my 32mm f4 guidescope/ZWO 224mc. My concern has been weight and how close it pushes the SA to its max. How are you getting in with it now?
  5. Hi all. I’ve been given a Sbony 60mm guidescope which I want to get started with autoguiding with. Can anyone please advise on what I will need to mount it to the tube rings on my Skywatcher PDS 200? The mounting arrangement for the guidescope I’ve attached. Thank you.
  6. Thanks for the advice all. After perseverance and a bit of tinkering, I managed to take some images of the moon, with eyepiece projection tonight.
  7. New member question. I can image the moon at prime focus with a canon DSLR no problem. I have a basic set of adjustable extension tubes, intending to try some eyepiece projection but I just can’t seem to get focus, as if there’s not enough INWARD focus travel to achieve a sharp image. I can’t see why I have the problem as using the same eyepiece visually i have no problems focusing it. Does anyone else use EP on the PDS200 (or differently sized siblings) and if so, what might I/my equipment be doing wrong?
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