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  1. Hi again. This happens to me the first times to. The things is that your grey looks like a red channel. But they all look the same. So I think you light have gotten just read and IR if that is your other filter. If this is rgb that you would have a green that I smiliar to the red but different and the blue one almost always is very very dark and almost no detail. Really hope you find it out buddy:)
  2. This is combined in photoshop. Seems you have only shot through 1filter buddy..
  3. So you did not use gimp or photoshop to combine the final images to rgb? I can try with photoshop when get home later
  4. Hmm. When you set the exposure at let's say 10.80 or something like that it will automatically suggest a gain by highliting it. Are you understanding what I mean?
  5. A few roughly processed from tonight.
  6. I uUsedFirecapture recommended settings for gain and exposure and ignored histogram levels. I did 90sec pr channel Celestron C11, Neq6 pro mount, Baader VIP barlow ZWO asi 174mm ZWO filters at about f/22
  7. Wow! This is nice! Just wondering if it's really 1.4x? Seems to bigger. I used to own a make 180 before I swapped it in for the c11 I had about 2x barlow on my mak180 and I can't rember it getting this big. Anyway! Really nice image
  8. I use celestron c11 with ZWO 174mm and baader 2x vip barlow. Thanks alot for comments:)
  9. I have not had time to process this untill now. This is just 90sec pr channel. No derotation.
  10. Hmm. I think I'm missing something here. Do you mean 20min separated over like 5 captures so 5reds 5 greens and 5 blues? If thats what you mean than I understand. But I don't understand how to derotate a 20min long clip:p
  11. Do you actually mean 20min.pr channel? How do you derotated a video on 20 min??
  12. Sl about 7min on each channel? Man you are a really smart man! What do you do for a living?
  13. The one on how you calculate the max recording time. I did not quite catch that.
  14. So I should not target certain histogram values? Or follow the recommended max capture lengths???
  15. I use 70-90% on R, G and B when I image Jupiter. For saturn and Mars I use: R 70% G 50% and B 25-30% How are you guys doing it? I use those settings after i read an article on london astronomer: https://www.thelondonastronomer.com/it-is-rocket-science/2018/6/7/a-quick-guide-to-planetary-imaging
  16. Ok I will try this tomorrow! Thanks alot guys!
  17. So "count" the pixels over my mars globe? Or the whole image? If the whole image than I should not be using roi right? Hmm I will check the link:)
  18. Jupp it's the right distance. I at least think it is. It should be 64mm to get 2x. And as we talked about I should be at little more than that since I'm using the 174mm camera, so I added one more spacer. And the total got to 74mm I'm no math genius but it's at least a little more than 2x If you can weigh in on this it will be much appreciated:)
  19. Hi guys. It's one thing I need to know. Is the placement of the barlow according to the filterwheel important? I have placed the spacer in my baader vip behinded the filter wheel now. And the lens is in thw nosepice on the other side of the filterwheel. Most pictures I see of setups, the barlow or spacers are infront of the filterwheel.
  20. So by doing this I can capture longer on each channel?? If that is true than that is so cole! Why don't more people do that??
  21. Hmm that's nice. But is that image than rescaled? I use the same barlow. But I got I sett at about 2x.
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