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  1. Dov1962

    Part Newbie

    Cheers Mate will be on at the weekend been busy this week
  2. Dov1962

    Part Newbie

    Hello Guys thank you one and all for the warm welcome's from you all to the Lounge! thanks John for the kind regards to my wife very thoughtful of you! she is ok but still gets wee bouts of depression now and then along with the Arthritis in the spine and legs.. takes a bit of care to understanding her situation day to day ..can be hard now and then. going to be doin some viewing if the rain would stop.. been raining here off and on that small stuff that soaks you to the bone. anyway I'm gonna get my shed ordered so I can sit with my laptop and all associated gear in comfort .
  3. Dov1962

    Part Newbie

    sorry Philip many apologies! not been on these forums long. nice set up you have!
  4. Hi Lebster I am going to use a nikon D40 (a lightweight dslr) on my 125 ETX on the polar mount along with the t mount and Meade back cell adapter.. dont buy a heavy camera like the nikon or canon top ranges they are cast metal frames the weight has been known to fracture the rear port of the etx with the meade adapter attached. you could fabricate and attach a metal bar to the bottom of the 90 supporting the dslr to the rear cell.. that has worked in the past.
  5. Dov1962

    Part Newbie

    I think the 90x was too heavy for the Newt in the first place... I have the D2X now no way thats going on the scope i have a wee Nikon D40 en route from MPB cameras quite light I've heard.
  6. Dov1962

    Part Newbie

    cheers Brown Dwarf I see you got the scopes on a Tee... not bad!.. I originally started with an argos special Skywatcher newtonian.. on the standard slo mo EQ 1 shook like mad with the Nikon F90X on it ..
  7. Dov1962

    Part Newbie

    thank you all gentlemen for wishing me well in my return to the heavens! I'm still looking at Telescopes in websites!!.. I have seen so many new telescopes since my return its hard to make up my mind.. i was going to stick to my ETX but was looking at refractors 152's x 1200 etc and the reports on these are practically nil even on youtube i managed to come across the opticstar ARC 152 x 1200 even in Quad form its not looking good as it seems to get lots of fringeing and bluish tinges as its not apo or acromatic scientific and the top end ref's the mind boggles.. in short all I am interested in is getting "really" close images of the moon My old ETX was ok but I have heard other astronomers talking about refractors with Apo and triplets reaching Jeez £ 1000 +!!
  8. Dov1962

    Part Newbie

    Hello my friend thank you for your reply and thank you for the warm welcome very kind! I used to stay not far from Glasgow before I moved down to prestwick. I used to go to the Campsie fells in particular TomTain (Kilsyth) above 1200 ft the forth bridge can be seen.. I stayed up at tomtain one weekend with my 125 ETX powertank n' all. absolutely pitch black but the best place is the isle of Seil.. off the atlantic brige near Oban absolutely Pitch black you cannot see your hand in front of your face I even could not see my white car without my mobile ..Honestly!! and the views with a telescope are out of this world (excuse the pun).. worth visiting the Estate came in handy there! just up from Balvicar.. I am just going to stick to the ETX125 too many pictures of telescope on shop sites Bamboozling!! my main body is the moon of which there is always something else missed every time i set up my scope.. I have a new ETX125 coming soon as my old ETX PE hit the floor ( the air was blue) it was never the same afterwards the focuser small as it was started to bind as it was turned.. so it got set aside and someone bought it and sorted it..
  9. Dov1962

    Part Newbie

    Hi Folks I'm David and I've been into astronomy for years , I am just getting back into it after five years as my wife is now disabled and all my time was taken with her care she is a bit better now so I can get back into my hobby.. I am now buying another ETX 125 observer to study my old pal the moon! anyway I seen an opticstar refractor 152 x 1200 with 1300GT goto mount on the web and was quite taken with it (rebadged Bresser I think) just wondering if its any good as I have not seen any reviews on it anywhere any of you guys out there seen this telescope or have any reccies on it thank you nb this telescope was on youtube :TELESCOPE: Explore Scientific AR 152mm (6") f/6.5 Air Spaced Doublet Refractor looks just like it
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