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  1. Thanks. I kept thinking the fact that the distortion is only on the right could mean a problem with the focuse tube but I wasn't sure. I'll give it a look next time we have a clear night.
  2. I ended up buying the SW ED80 and I must say it's a little belter. You have to zoom in 400% at least before you see any CA and then it's negligible. Happy camper.
  3. Hi all. Hope you're keeping safe. Tried using my SW 200P last night with a coma corrector/Canon 650D/HEQ5 pro/APT/PHD2 and results at set up were terrible as you can see. Is this something to do with the optics or polar alighnment error? The PAE in PHD2 was over 11 arch sec with the weight of the tube. Is this the fault or do you think it's something else? I quickly switched to my SW ED80 and the results were far suppierior. Now I need to work out how to add a 2x Barlow when the camera is attached directly to the flattener and the FF screws straight into the tube. Any ideas on that will be ver
  4. Good point. I'm on a HEQ5 shooting with a 650D both modded. I'll hopefully be getting out to dark skies as home viewing sucks. As I posted this question I started reading lots of SW ED80 comments again and that has got me thinking. Damn sight cheaper than the OTAs I have mentioned and portable. As a photographer of 30 years I can't believe how complicated this is. I went Nikon and bought the lenses I needed for that set up, end of story. The choices for AP is insane.
  5. Hi all. The title says what I need to ask. I have been wracking my brains looking for a new refractor and I have narrowed it down to these 3. I know it's a big jump in price from the WO and TS to the Esprit but I thought I'd throw that in the mix. They will be used only for AP so I have looked at the faster triplets for all the reasons you would. Anyone have a preference or advise or even an addition to the mix? Thanks
  6. G'day all. Another cry for help from a noob. I recently got hold of a QHY6 that I want to use as an auto guider along with a Skywatcher 9x50 SCOPE. I have bought the adapter and tried it in day light and all seems to work but trying to use it at night is a ball breaker. The screen on PHD2 is blank no matter how high or low I crank the gain. I managed to get something this evening with a fuzzy blob that is supposed to be Capella but no forward or back focusing of the scope brought it sharp and there was no sign of any other stars in the FOV. What am I missing? I know it's an older model and I h
  7. Outstanding reply and thank you very much. That has given me a lot to think about and I now see it's not the end of the world. Bravo and love you work Novi.
  8. Thanks Novi. Wow! That is depressing. I've been using 2 Skywatcher reflectors for the past year (130 and 200P) and I thought I'd give a refractor a go for more wide field imaging. I didn't want to break the bank just yet and see if I liked the results then step up to the big league. I thought the specs on the Svbony wouldn't produce the kind of aberration shown here. That's practically unusable and is going to take some serious photoshopping. I think the image of Capella might of been mixed in from a previous shoot and it is with the 220P reflector. I can see a purple circle behind the star th
  9. G'day all. I received my OTA (above) from China this week and managed to get a couple of hours imaging. The scope is supposed to be an achromatic doublet but the results don't bare that out or am I doing something wrong? As you can see from the Pleiades there seems to be massive chromatic aboration around the main stars. In the image of Capella there is a purple halo but that also shows up when I use my reflectors. I just had my Canon 650D moded (IR filter cut) and I'm wandering if that is a factor? If we get a clear night tonight I'm going to test with my Sony A7rii to compare. I'm a bit of
  10. Hi. I did. The bloke who sold me the camera sent a link to old versions of PHD2 and Sharp cap. It seems to have worked to a point but the tool box and camera settings in PHD2 are greyed out. Any ideas? I'm a bit of a newbie and this is a very steep learning curve.
  11. Hi all. I just received a QHY6 CCD camera I want to use for guiding but PHD2 won't recognise it. I can get it working in APT and CCDCAP so the driver is good but not with Sharp cap or PHD2. Has anyone has similar issues? Gutted as this is my first guide camera purchase. Thanks for any advise.
  12. Kimi waffles. I took some great advise and went back to basics learning how to use the scope before I started mucking around with programmes. I did however find the EQMOD toolbox. I then found starting up in the same order every time made everything work. EQMOD-APT-CDC.
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