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  1. Cheers, will give it a try.
  2. Finally got around to trying out the NexImage 5 camera with my Mac. I'm using oaCapture and can get some image of Jupiter with some banding using various presets but I'm not sure which are correct. My understanding of the NexImage 5 is that it has light sensors arranged in a 2x2 pattern for red, green, and blue and a duplicate (probably green). But I'm not sure of the order. Anyone know of the correct settings?
  3. Oh well, hand controller is being sent to Tasco (Celestron distributors). I can still align using StarSense using SkySafari, and even adjust focus with it. But I prefer to use a hand controller for focus. Fortunately I still have the old NexStar+ one that came with the OTA.
  4. And no, disconnecting the Focus Motor makes no difference. The corrupt package still stalls the start up.
  5. My set up is an Evolution 6. Then I added StarSense, which replaces the hand controller with the StarSense one. Then when you add the Focus Motor CFM notices it is connected and attempts to add the packages to the hand controller (whether original or StarSense).
  6. I even tried my old handcontroller and it updates fine and recognises the focus motor. But the calibrate process doesn't work real well and it is very patchy on how it works.
  7. Have tried repeating the update process and it just says my firmware is up to date. Tried holding Celestron and 7 down on start. Same thing. Tried holding 0 on start (factory reset). No change. Although I'm not sure factory reset is occurring as surely it should then reload all the firmware. Any clues?
  8. Yay, finally got a Celestron Focus Motor. Did all the physical install and checked my handset firmware. It's 1.16. Need 1.19. Set scope to use my home access point and connected to it successfully. It recognises my devices including the Focus Motor. Start update. It stalls mid way through. Start again and if finishes successfully. Restart scope and....
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems you have to use one or the other. If you align with SkySense using SkyPortal/SkySafari then slew the scope using the hand controller the app has no idea the scope has been moved, so will be offset by the amount you moved it. This is a pain because slight adjustments with the app are painful. Lots of lag and jerky movement. Hand controller is much better.
  10. Just ordered a Celestron Focus Motor via Amazon. Hope it is not old stock of V1.
  11. I have ordered a Orion 8885 5mm Edge On Planetary Eyepiece. Has 20mm eye relief.
  12. Ehh, I think I found my answer. Pay peanuts, get monkeys. https://www.chuckhawks.com/choosing_celestron_oculars.htm
  13. When I purchased my Celestron Evolution 6 I purchased the CELESTRON Optics Accessories AstroMaster Telescope Accessory Kit with it. Comes with a 6mm Plossl eyepiece. I find the 6mm very hard to use. I find it very hard to hold my eye in the correct place over the very small lens (6mm duh!) and my forehead often hits the OTA. And I just can't get a camera to work with it at all. Using a projection tube and Canon EOS doesn't seem to work and an iPhone mount over it never seems to be angled right. Are these just the standard peculiarites of using such a small lens? Or are there better options available?
  14. Cheers. I’ll have a look around the prefs.
  15. Yes, SkySafari/Portal are aware of the SkySense being available. When you press align in either app the first option shown is SkySense. What I haven’t tested is what happens when you align with SkySense using the hand controller, then connect with SkySafari/Portal. I’ll test next time I’m out.
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