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  1. Here's the small print. The intergalactic star database would like to state that although we take great pride in our product and service, it is sold as a novelty gift and scientific and astronomical institutes will continue to name and reference stars by numbers only. it is also possible other star naming companies could allocate a new name on your star. hahaha covering their asses saying novelty gift only but they not saying that when they selling it. basically paying that money for this worthless certificate it means nothing at all. how many have they ripped with this and
  2. I've just got one today named a star after my grandad and got a galaxy ngc193. That is not what was asked for plus why cant we choose our own stars out of unnamed stars feel a fool for being taken in by this. Absolutely right its a con they need shutting down my sister tried to tell me was a con she was spot on they promissed you would be able to see the star i've looked up that galaxy and there is no information about what is even there which star out of them billions in that galaxy is it? grrr i'm gonna kick right off about this.
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