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  1. Hey all i was cruising ebay the other night and came across this scope http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Telescope-Refractor-OTA-80400-with-Finder-scope-mounting-base-/130779810732?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item1e73158bacand wondered if it would be any better than the ST80 , it seems to have better features and the built in dovetail looks like a standard type . My uses would probably be guiding , video astronomy using yellow filter for chromo and every now and then a bit of grab and go , what are your thought ? thanks .
  2. Hi all i've not posted in a long time but am just getting back into it again , i bought a Skywatcher virtuoso mount recently and have also been testing the Canon CHDK software hack on my Canon powershot sx260 compact so thought i'd see what results i could get combining both . Conditions were far from ideal as there was a light cloud layer and seemed to be more light pollution than usual which was possibly down to the cloud layer but i just couldn't resist getting out and having a play . The raw information shows the settings as : Lens set to 7.8mm @ f3.5 ( although on the camera it displayed 15mm fl ) Iso 200 Exposure time 45 seconds Stacked 22 lights and 10 darks Quick run through Dss and Photoshop cs5 I'm quite happy with the first test results especially under the conditions i had so maybe with a good clear night and stepping up the optical zoom a bit i might even get a few targets to show , i'll be doing plenty more testing hopefully skies permitting so will update as i go , thanks . The plough.bmp
  3. Thanks guys i thought they were the same from looking at the specs but best to be sure
  4. Hey folks i'm after a small cheap set of binos and have been looking at the Olympus dpsi 8x40's but have found some called Olympus trooper 8x40 dpsi and wondered if these were the same binos as i can get them a fair bit cheaper , thanks .
  5. Hi all i'm looking at buying a pair of binoculars and have narrowed it down to these 2 pairs , i was wondering if anyone has any experience with either or both and if so what are your thoughts thanks . http://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-binoculars/celestron-cavalry-15x70.html http://www.firstlightoptics.com/helios/helios-quantum-4-binoculars.html
  6. Nice work Stuart some great close ups there , i'm waiting on the day you do a complete mosaic at that scale it will be a beauty
  7. Hi all i managed to get out for 30 mins the other night and snap a few pics of the moon , conditions were quite good probably the best skies i've seen for a while . Equipment used was a Skywatcher C80ed , 2x barlow and a Canon 1000d at prime focus , final image is a stack of 50 seperate frames . Regards Alan
  8. Hi Josh the image you see regarding any halo is as it was straight out of the camera , the glass seems to be very good in the scope
  9. Thanks for the comments spurs me on for the next session , normally i do stack my dslr images of the moon but as this was just a 10 minute gap in the clouds i didn't really have time for any more but next session if i get enough time i'll try going for a hundred or so images and stack Regards Alan
  10. Ive used a laptop before and even though the results were a lot better than without the master flat did not look spot on hence why im going to try a panel .
  11. Hi all i need to get hold of a flat field panel for my ED80 and came across a company on the web called Posterpower , they do an A5 panel which would be great for my scope and the price is not bad aswell but i was wondering if anyone had any experience using these thanks . Regards Alan Link to site http://www.posterpoweruk.co.uk/page7.htm
  12. From the album: Astro pics

    Moon 100% full taken with a Skywatcher Skymax 127 scaope and a Canon 1000D dslr camera , final image is a stack of 46 seperate ones .
  13. Hi all i managed to get out for 30 minutes inbetween the clouds on boxing day night and test out my new ED80 which i treated myself to , i'm quite happy with the results especially as the conditions were not the best and i had no tracking running on the mount plus the scope had only cooled for about 10 minutes . The final image is a mosaic of 2 seperate ones and a slight tweak in photoshop , equipment used was a Skywatcher ED80 , 2x barlow and a canon 1000d . Regards Alan
  14. Thanks Wookie guess i need to find some m8 bolts now
  15. Hi all i was ondering if anyone knows the size of the lattitude bots on a cg-4 mount i assume they are the same as an eq-3 , had the rear one bend quite bad managed to get it out but need something stronger to replace it with thanks .
  16. Thannks for the comments , i think James has it spot on in regards to the full moon . With no shadows it shows as a quite a flat surface compared to say half moon where you get some very nice shadows which adds a lot of depth to the image also i find it a lot harder to get focus spot on when the moon is full ( also due to the lack of depth ) .
  17. Nice work there David it came out great
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