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  1. This photo is taken with the same body. so ?
  2. photo was made with hardware to put a Canon body to the scopen and a canon body. 1&2 body only 3&4 with occulair 5 the setup used by 3&4
  3. photo was made with hardware to put a Canon body to the scopen and a canon body
  4. thats correct, I did not clean the outside, ok I had too, I will show you a foto made with this scope.
  5. I was wondering if any of you opend up one like this to clean inside. (front and back) Can it be done by a newbe ? or do you say hands off, you (I) will kill the scope ? TIA Pim
  6. Francis, I did not thank you jet but here it is, a BIG thank you, when you wrote this I had not my lenses yet, well today came a 35-80mm end a 80-200 lens (only 65 euro all in) so I remembered this comment en tride it, works greet, thank you again. not in low light, not in natural light, not with flashlight, thanks again (saves a 127 euro filter)
  7. Looking for a affordable OWB type 3 click filter for my modded Canon so I can use it for planet/sun/daylight photografie too and not just for DSO. (Astronomik, Optolong...) -Pim- Astronomy done on a butget, it's hard ... ?
  8. Thank you and I know what you mean, as an civilian or Millitary? -Pim-
  9. Thanks dude, but I don't believe you
  10. as soon as the Canon is here (now on it's way from England) I willl look in to that, Thank you, but was just wondering if it can be done with a filter on your lens.
  11. Hi all, ready for a newbi question? Has there ever been someone that counteracted the "more red" in daylight photo's from a modded Canon 100D done with putting a filter on the "daylight" lens and not by using software? and if so, what did you use? (type, name, brand, price) Why do I ask: I have a good unmodded camera but I just wont to know if it can be done -Pim-
  12. Hi Hojus, thanks for the welcome. To answer your question, not yet, I am in the proses for buying my hardware, and had no clear sky yet , I am at the suburbs of Nijmegen, I have good hopes, my planis to go from big (sun, moon) to further away and further and further I have so much to learn.. in so littel time, to name one, you use the word Bortle 8, 5, B4, I do not know this yet but I think it means how much light polution here is I (will google it later) and I will have learned something -Pim-
  13. Toppic says it all, Why are these here? anybody ? Guess on #2 to power a USB cam ?
  14. Thanks for your input, 22 years,? what you must have seen already . -Pim-
  15. Well, me as a newby, for me it made a lot clear, what is what, and what is it doing, you have to remember, we newbies, well I newby wants to learn but a lot is FOV and 82° and AFOV TFOV and and and, Let me tell you, I am buying my hardware now and days of clouds here, I was fun typing my eyepieces in and see "sort of" what they do, I saw that my 2x Barlow will not be enough to see Saturn with my Scope, need at least a 3x, just fun to see if what the program sais will be correct, I for one can't wait, can I have some clear sky please. It is what is is.... -Pim- ? p.s. I was thinking tho, I don't know that type of hardware they used, probably better than I have so I will not gonne get what is shown there, I wish it well be that good, I me all this is fun, so shoot me ? but be prepared, shoot back when you miss, I an a Sports shooter too ? -P-
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