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  1. Sounds familiar Yesterday evening the sky was clear when we came home very late but I was exhausted. Still felt guilty about it, even now
  2. Last week I received my Skywatcher Mak 90/1250 which should provide crisp defined images. I know it's only 90 mm in aperture but what I saw was a blurry unrecognizable patch of light. Jupiter is low on the horizon and these are standard eyepieces plus the fact that the scope hadn't well adapted to the outside temperature. But is it even necessary at this time of the year when the outside temperature is approx. the same as the inside temperature ? Or are the standard eyepieces that bad ? Or does the scope needs a collimation (which I strongly doubt because a brand new Mak shouldn't need that ?). Is there a big difference between standard eyepieces and let's say a Super Plössl ?
  3. Thx everybody for the good advice. Installed Autostakkert and it runs very well under Wine
  4. Hello I'm a Linux user (ArcoLinux, based on Arch). My question is what stacking program you other Linux-people use ? I'm willing to change to Ubuntu if that helps, no problem at all. I've been a long time Debian/Ubuntu/Mint user so changing isn't an issue. For wide angle/DSO photography I use Siril but for planetary stuff it doesn't seem to work. Or am I really that dumb ? Thx in advance
  5. You're incredible man, thx a lot
  6. Welcome to a never ending "disease"
  7. Also welcome from a southern neighbor
  8. I tried Astro Linux 18.04 but it regularly "freezes". Since I need my computer for everyday stuff I installed regular Ubuntu 18.04.2 again. My question : isn't it possible to import the "astro Linux"-repo's on a "regular" *buntu ? Anyhow, I'm gonna install your distro on my second test-platform and see how things work out. Besides that : great job !
  9. Very welcome from this part of our planet also
  10. Ferre


    Also from this side of earth : welcome :)
  11. Ferre

    Brand new

    Hello people I found the time and love for my old passion back About 35 years ago I ground my own 8 inch mirror to build myself a Dobsonian but life decided to change things drastically and so I've been "out of business" (lost my time and interest in astronomy) for a long time. Being retired since january 1st I have all the time to start all over again and the passion starts to burn again . So here we are for part 2 Meanwhile that 8 inch project has been lost and the only equipment I have is an ETX70 from about 12 years ago. I'm going to "renew" it since it has been inactive all that time.
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