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  1. Hi, For smaller scopes the Quikfinder is good
  2. Hi, Re imaging with a normal camera. You can buy a variety of camera mounts/supports which make taking pictures through an EP, afocal projection, a bit easier, but it is still an art in itself. You can pick up various bits and bobs cheap at the scope and skies astroboot, including camera supports and finderscopes. Astroboot (great minds think alike Glider)
  3. Hi, Keep making posts you need 50 posts for the 'for sale' section or you can try the astro buy and sell website and ebay for some decent 2nd hand bargains. I would go as far to say don't buy anything, including the telescope, new. Astro stuff needs to be kept in good nick so the 2nd hand stuff is almost always in great condition. There is a second hand dob for sale in SGLs fo sale section that looks amazing and so many little improvements have been made by the owner that it is better than buying one brand new.
  4. Hi, I would look at a couple of half decent EPs. Maybe a good Plossl or Orthoscopic (or a TMB planetary/SPL) in a size that will give you mag of around 180x to 200x (depends on scope, but anything at 4 or 5 inch Apeture or above should be capable of that). That's your main Planetary EP, also useful for closeup lunar and the brighter DSOs. Get a widefield EP, something like a Skywatcher or WO between 25mm and 35mm (again depends on scope). You really want as wide a FOV as possible with this EP, Something around 70 degrees apparent FOV. Later you can look into barlows and EPs in the mid range. But in my experience 'less is more'. Less messing around in the dark, Less to carry. I spent two hours using just a 30mm in my scope the other night. Only switched to a higher mag when I was looks at the planets later on.
  5. Hahaha I was just thinking that sounds good and I'm only a 30min train trip away. I call shenanigans on beetlejuice
  6. Hi, I would buy 1 or 2 higher quality EPs at 8mm 15mm TMB planetarys/HS Planetary available through Modernastronomy.com You might want to consider making a dewshield from neoprene.
  7. Hi, Skys the limit on ebay do some nice EPs, but they are closed due to VAT threshold and are now on hiatus until Sept, Oct. Check the second hand forum for the one's below I like the WO TMB planetary 12.5mm or the TMB planetary/ TS Planetary HR in various sizes. You can get them here SPLs Planetary I don't think you should go lower than 4mm TMB Planetary which will give you mag of about 166x. A SPL 12.5mm will give you 53x mag with a FOV of 2 Moon Widths about a Degree. This is my main EP for planetary in my 80mm and 6" SCT. A 15mm TMB will give you a 44x mag and a FOV of 1.4 degrees. These are the sort of ranges you are looking at. your 32mm will cover all your low power widefield viewing. Add a 15mm and a 4mm and you have a decent range, add a barlow later for more flexibility, not that you really need it unless you are doing a lot of Lunar IMHO.
  8. Hi, Another thing worth looking at is the warranty of any drive you buy. I paid a couple of quid more for a small WD 320GB HD in 2008 and it's under warranty until 2013.
  9. Hi, You could consider 2nd hand. Considerably cheaper than new and you lose very little if the stuff doesn't suit and you decide to sell it on.
  10. Hi, It is pretty busy up around Cassiopea:-). I would use the goto scope to find M31. If you want to find it manually you would be better going up from Mirach (beta And) than down from Cass. Have you tried Stellarium planetarium software, it may give you a better idea of the 'lay of the land' . I see Stellarium has been mentioned already as has Mirach
  11. Hi, If you have too choose only one book, I would buy 'Nightwatch'. If you can afford 2, get Nightwatch and TLAO.
  12. Hi, The only issue I can see with an older edition would be in the section on the planets and lunar eclipses, my edition covers up to 2019/2020.
  13. Hi, A 9mm TMB clone from ebay at 38 quid inc delivery may be a good choice for an upgrade planetary EP.
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