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  1. Thank you Ole Alexander. So you went all M68. There was a whole discussion on CN on possible vignetting with M54, especially on faster scopes. In the meantime I ordered my ASI6200MM. They now also offer a dedicated EOS-EF adapter for the EFW2. For my current setups I also use the EOS-EF mount to connect, so should be able to swap out cameras quickly. Received a message from ZWO yesterday that the order was complete and shipped....
  2. Awesome combination and great early results! Could you share the adapters you've used? I am looking to connect the ASI6200 to the TOA-130 but with the same 67-FL flattener, so I guess it would be the same. Also, what is the use for the OAG in your setup, if it is not for guiding? My setup is typically used unguided, so an OAG would probably not be something I'd get.
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