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  1. JohnC260

    Hi New beginner here!

    No fuss they will do a straight swap with no complaints.
  2. JohnC260

    Hi New beginner here!

    I did fully remove the ring, and the threads on the ring and focus tube are both cross threaded. Also the screws at the bottom of the tube where it tapers in, the paint is cracked and flaking badly. The boxes inner and outer are both damaged that end too, I'm reluctant to toy with it more. The place I got it are a distributor but it shipped from Germany, my wife is going to drop it in tomorrow. Edit: The white part in the ring is a dust cap.
  3. JohnC260

    Hi New beginner here!

    Not sure about this, the ring looks a little cross threaded and there is swarf that’s broken off. The box is very damaged where the focus ring was resting. I’m being overly precious? Or speak to the company? They are pretty close to speak to and take the tube in.
  4. JohnC260

    Hi New beginner here!

    Well my wife has ordered the Messier AR-90/900 she spoke with telescope house, I have no issue with this scope as it’s one that interested me the most. I have ordered a AZ4-2 mount, and a selection of eyepieces. I’m also going to book a place at the local observatory for a beginners evening, you take your equipment and they offer advise and help. Thanks for all the help and advise, I can’t wait to get started.
  5. JohnC260

    Hi New beginner here!

    Skywatcher Maksutov telescope MC 102/1300 SkyMax-102 AZ-EQ Avant? AZ-EQ mount.
  6. JohnC260

    Hi New beginner here!

    I see many forum threads mentioning Vixen A80MF scopes, I found a 2nd hand one for £130. No EP's, Lens cap missing (not sure how I feel about that and delivery) just rings and dove tail. I would need to mount it, and purchase a full set of EP's. and source a lens cap, which I would be tempted to send to the seller pre delivery.
  7. JohnC260

    Hi New beginner here!

    ah ok, I was looking at an ALT-AZ mount for the AR if I went with it, I have confirmed a Skywatcher AZ-4 will take it, or but I doubt my luck will hold a Porta II but they rarely come along 2nd hand and/or cheap. The store has been suggesting the Evostar AZ 90/900 over the AR, even though he could earn more if I take the AR option, from a out the box option the Evostar is tempting. Either way I was staying away from EQ mounts, I had looked at the 90/900 Taurus with an NG mount so ALT-AZ but can be converting to EQ, but the review of the mounts is scathing.
  8. JohnC260

    Hi New beginner here!

    So I assume the AR-90/900 is the better offering? or does the Skywatcher Evostar have some advantages? The AR is OTA so I need to get a mount, I have been looking into those as well.
  9. JohnC260

    Hi New beginner here!

    Thanks AP isn’t something I had massively considered just getting outside and exploring the local neighbourhood and having fun was my main drive. The store I spoke with suggested a 9 or 10mm eyepiece and a 2 x barlows.
  10. JohnC260

    Hi New beginner here!

    Sorry my main plan is viewing the moon and planets, and progressing on to DSO once I gain more experience. I say astrophotography is less of an issue but it's something that may be worth having the option for so yes. Edit: one of the reasons I was leaning more towards the Messier is many websites list it as good for novice and intermediate users, my thoughts were I'm future proofing myself a little.
  11. Hi I’m looking at getting into astronomy, it’s something that has interested me for quite some time. My wife said she wants to get me a telescope for my birthday so it’s a win win situation! I had been looking at some options, I had asked on some other forums but would like other opinions as well. I had been tempted by a Besser Messier AR-90/1200 but after some research decided not to go a head due to the huge tube and plastic mounting clamshell. I’m tempted by the Besser Messier AR-90/900 I have been assured this length is ok for the mounting supplied and it looks to be a good starter scope, that will keep my going for a while. The other suggestion and it would be cheaper initially is the Skywatcher Evostar 90/900, one shop has pushed me more towards this even though he could earn more from me from the Besser Messier. Any thoughts and opinions welcomed.

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