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  1. JonH

    SGL 8 - General Banter

    A big thank you from me to Daz and all those that made SGL8 such an enjoyable star party. As always it was great catching up with old friends and making new ones, whatever the weather. Looking forward to SGL9!
  2. JonH

    Starry video (wip)

    That looks great Kev, and loving the "end of the world effect" finish. I knew you were up to no good behind that bay window of yours! Glad you had a good night and now a dry morning to pack up.
  3. 1. Jon - JonH 2. General photography, Lightroom & Photoshop. 3. Pitch 45 4. Wednesday to Sunday.
  4. Nice one guys, the perfect start to the day; Saturn before breakfast!
  5. That's absolutely stunning Mel, one of the best Andromedas I've seen and a perfect advertisement for the Astrotrac.
  6. Great timelapses, love the clouds in the second one.
  7. JonH

    Talks / Workshops

    Daz - I'm happy to help with photography and Photoshop on a one to one basis...
  8. That red looks fantastic Stewart, beautiful pics as usual. Looks like you had company.
  9. Beautiful shots, loving the trees lit by the bonfire. Looking forward to seeing more if you got some... BTW, this type of image is more suitable for the Imaging - Widefield, Special Events and Comets section.
  10. Beautiful clear skies this morning over Somerset so once I'd gotten over the shock of seeing lots of twinkly little white dots in the sky (seems like such a long time since we haven't been clouded over here) I grabbed the Vixen to give my 10 year old his first view of Saturn before breakfast. Needless to say he was blown away and will hopefully always remember his first glimpse of this amazing twinkly white dot. I know I do.
  11. I have no personal experience of any of the bodies you've listed but I have read reviews that recommended the 60D over the 600D.
  12. Thanks to the advice on this thread I am now the proud owner of a large Arctic military sleeping bag - £30 including stuff bag and postage from Army Surplus on Ebay. It's in excellent condition and should be perfect for those cold star party nights. Thanks again guys.
  13. Looking good Baz. Your pic reminds me of the first time I saw Orion upside down - I was in Canberra and it blew me away.
  14. Go, you won't regret it. Bagan is one of the most photogenic and amazing places I have ever visited. Hope your trip is going well. Four days of mountain biking sounds awesome.
  15. Cheers guys, Burma was an amazing place to visit, however, it was the people that truly made the trip such a fantastic experience. I'd love to go back some day... Sorry about the low-res but I don't want to post high-res images with horrible watermarks running through them.
  16. My favourite lens for astro is the Canon 15mm full-frame fish-eye. It's sharp wide open at f2.8 and gives an incredible FOV.
  17. I've always wanted to visit Burma and finally ticked it off my bucket list last December. One of the highlights was Bagan, a dusty plain in the middle of the country littered with hundreds of ancient stupas. Luckily I was there around the full moon and managed to get some moonlit shots amongst the temples. The MW pics are from a temple near Inle Lake. My luck was holding because the temple keepers were late turning on their massive arc lights one night giving me time to get some shots of the MW before the place was flooded with a horrible yellowy-orange light. Now, if they could just get rid of the mangy one-eyed dog that lies in wait after dark, that would be cool. It's very distracting chucking rocks at savage dogs while shooting... The moon panos were shot with a 45mm TSE, the first one from 10 frames shot with a pano head and the second a composite using rise and drop. Moonrise was a 70-200 zoom. The first MW a 15mm full frame fish-eye and the other two 17-40 zoom. The camera was a Canon 5D3. Thanks for looking and Happy New Year! Cheers, Jon
  18. Great pics Carl, my favourite type of astro-photos are those that include some sort of foreground.
  19. This should help: http://www.alaskaphotographyblog.com/how-to-photograph-the-northern-lights-with-a-digital-camera/ Have a great trip.
  20. Lovely shots. Hope the weather clears up for you soon.
  21. Beautiful pic Barry, lighting with candles was a brilliant idea.
  22. Nice one YM, the detail in the moon is fantastic. Multi-exposure?
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