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  1. Thanks George for your very comprehensive response. I'm convinced now this is my next step for my needs. And yes you are right I can make further purchases down the line !:mustn't tell the wife! As it's going to happen. Would like a good goto mount eventually the eq6 is really appealing and I think would future proof my needs but that is some way off for me and abilities at this time. One small step....... no point going to far too soon. Nice pic btw. Really impressive without goto. I'm not at the pic stage just yet still very much visual and finding my way around. Anyway happy days off to see if the used Mak127 is still available. Thanks again for your time and advice much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Paz for the the comprehensive advice. Yours and others are convincing me that this scope would meet my needs currently without breaking the bank. Just going to put it all together before I commit to a purchase. Spotted a good used deal that I may investigate. Thanks again
  3. Thanks for the advice Steve. Really helping me make my decision that this is the logical next step for me. I will have a look at the FOV tool as well. Think im convinced this is my next purchase as it gives me most of what i need at this time size and portability being key. Cheers.
  4. Thanks Alan for the advice. Appreciate this is not an exact science but for what I require at this time sounds like I'm going in the right direction for my needs. I've spotted a quite new second hand Mak127 so I may just take the plunge and save few pennies at the same time. And as you say it should compliment my current set up without breaking the bank. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks. I wanted the MAK to compliment my 130pds. Your points re the collimation of the MAK and weight were a big plus for my potential selection. Not sure if I'm talking myself in or out of the need for one now. My Newt is just stationary at home so minimal collimation if at all required. I just put it out and it's good to go. And it is a great first scope. I just thought rightly or wrongly a MAK would be more forgiving being transported. Whilst also giving me those good sharp high mag views of planets and moon etc. Hmmmmm.
  6. Thanks for your advice. I currently view planets and the moon. As a relative novice the moon is easy to find even for me. And i am fascinated by it. I thought the MAK was going to be more portable and give me better sharper visual views of lunar detail due to the increased focal length. And also a bit easier to put in car and transport to more remote areas. I didn't think the weight was 7kg I thought I'd read 5kg but could be wrong. I do love my 130pds but the deep space stuff is just beyond me at this point as can't really locate anything without a goto. I do want to work upto AP eventually but think I am some way off that. So no intention of dumping the 130pds think it will be excellent on that goto mount when the time comes. And it is a great scope when set up at home so yes I do agree it's a wonderful piece of kit. From that not sure if I've talked myself out or into A MAK haha. Thanks for your advice and taking time to reply. Much appreciated.
  7. Hi George Sorry this is more of a question than answer to your post. Sorry. Hope you don't mind! I read this post with interest. I am considering a SW MAK 127 as a more portable smaller option from my current SW newt. Grateful for your views as a current user and owner. I'm just after general observing lunar and planets etc at this time. Maybe stick slr on for general photos etc nothing too adventurous. I've read good reviews about the scope but can't decide between MAK or Refractor. But really portability with good viewability is what I'm after. Any thoughts gratefully received. Many thanks.
  8. Hi Looking for some advice on a portable set up that i can put in car and move/transport easily for general all round viewing. Currently have a SW130pds on AZ4 mount which is a great scope given I'm a new novice over last 6 months, now looking for something bit smaller that can more easily transport. Been looking at SW refractors evostar and star travel but cannot decide which is best or difference. Then I saw the MAK 127 which seems to get good reviews and looks v portable in size albeit bit weighty. Also seen a good value used one with eq3 mount. The AZ5 deluxe mount also looks good but would be happy with my current steel AZ4 which is v stable. At some point I want a higher spec goto mount so don't really want to buy another mount at this time. Save that investment for later. Anyway any advice gratefully received MAK or refractor? Or neither. Thanks for reading.
  9. Hi Matt Im a newbie too and had the same thoughts as you and after months and months I went for the SW130pds and SW AZ4 mount about 2 weeks ago. They are a great pairing imo and the scope I will eventually use for AP when I become more experienced and upgrade to goto mount. The AZ4 mount is very solid and stable. And it is portable. Lots of advice on SGL. Good luck with your choices.
  10. Thanks. I suspect you are right. Less light from the entire front aperture from the same distant object but it's still sent back to the same secondary position so it should be darker in theory. Secondary school physics in my distant memory somewhere in there ?. Hope these sky's clear soon to try these theories out ? thanks again for the help.
  11. Thanks. As you say I probably just need to acclimatise my viewing and also when using higher mag that will help too. I did really get a chance to try the higher mag yet. But I wil also check out the smaller aperture in the end cap and see if that helps. It's a useful bit of know how for times of need if it does work. Thanks again for the advice.
  12. Thanks doug. It did have a smaller cover. I will give that a try and see if that helps. Knew it had to have a use. ?
  13. Thanks. I think the smaller cap was offset to the side. Bizarrely. Is that still ok? Assume as light travels in straight lines it's still gong to produce an image albeit darker? This is clearly just acting as an aperture ring like in a camera lens then. Clever.? did wonderwhat that cap was for didn't put 2 plus 2 together ?
  14. Thanks. I did wonder what or if that smaller cap within the larger cap did anything I will give that a try and see if it helps. For myself maybe it just takes acclimatisation it's just a shock when I viwe for the first time. But as someone advised previously the moon is a bright objet in the sky but when you get rid of that big dark stuff around it it is going to appear even brighter to the eye. ? well I'm still learning so it's all good. Thanks again.
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