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  1. nota bene http://neilenglish.net/optimising-an-8-inch-newtonian-for-visual-use/
  2. Hi John, I think we both know there's no chance of that happening anytime this century. Cheers, Neil.
  3. Cheers Dave; I'll be chasing down some pretty doubles; even the bright Moon doesn't hurt them! Best wishes, Neil.
  4. Hi Dave, My 5" f/12 ( a.k.a Tiberius) remains my pride and my joy. Maximum pleasure! It's clear and cold here this evening so I'll be setting it up for another vigil of the Winter sky. Best wishes, Neil.
  5. Hello Dave, Fondest congrats on the refurbs! Andromeda looks beautiful! Be sure to give her plenty of starlight won't you. Best wishes, Neil.
  6. Hello Dave, Many congratulations on reacquiring a worthy replacement for your venerable Unitron of old. I very much enjoyed reading through your initial thoughts on the telescope and the pictures are truly droolworthy. I know that you will be over the moon with this classic refractor and wish you many happy years under the stars with it. You've got to turn it on Jupiter and Mars when you get a chance! With best wishes, Neil.
  7. Hi Stu, You're most welcome. Best wishes, Neil.
  8. Hello there, Here is a couple of links to relevant material on filters for planetary viewing; http://alpo-astronomy.org/mars/articles/FILTERS1.HTM and a more general discussion here: http://neilenglish.net/taking-back-visual-astronomy-filters-ii/#comment-34265 Hope these help, Best wishes, Neil.
  9. Dear Matt, Beautiful acquisition! Congratulations. Have you had a chance to observe through it at all? Best wishes, Neil.
  10. Hello Dave, What a great comparison of two rather nice 'scopes! I can definitely see why you opted for these instruments in the end. I do like Maksutovs too. I still have an old ETX RA and love it. Maybe when my ship comes in, I'll get a larger one again. Anyways, I'd like to wish you and all SGLers a very happy Christmas and the very best for 2013. Cheers the noo, Neil.
  11. Hi Mark, Fondest congrats on acquiring the Tal 125R. I hope it brings you many years of nice views........that is, once this dreadful weather clears off. Best wishes, Neil.
  12. Caldwell 14 and Qualia. Thanks for the thumbs up. Always looking out for you guys! Best wishes, Neil.
  13. If you were to buy the Tal 100RS OTA, it would set you back £249 from this site. The no-frills Skywatcher ED100 retails(again on this site) for £635 - granted with a 0.85 FR, which is unnecessary for visual use. That makes the Evostar Pro ED100 2.55x more expensive. Now here's the question you should all ask yourself: Does the review posted by the OP warrant such a large price differential? Regards, Neil.
  14. Hello again, Andy, Nick & Caldwell 14: thank you all very much for the feedback. I'm a big fan of all things Tal. Caldwell 14: My book on classic scopes hits the shelves sometime this summer. I'm actually working on an advanced draft of the manuscript as we speak. For classic fans, I have an article discussing the quality of Alvan Clark refractors in the next issue of 'Astronomy Now'. A 5-inch lens is put on the optical bench for evaluation! Cheers, Neil. Ps. Here's the 125R (2004 vintage) snug in its strong yet lightweight pinewood case. Another nice touch.
  15. Finally; one for road. Tal 125R awaiting darkness.
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