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  1. Hi everyone! I'm asking for a friend of mine who's been having problems with his guide camera connection to the pc. Apparently, the camera feed to the pc lags, therefore the guide pulses are delayed. This was very evident while creating the dark library for PHD2. The camera appeard to work perfectly fine with other capture softwares though, If anyone got the same problem, and managed to solve it, i woukd be glad to hear your tips!
  2. Good evening stargazers! I'm having some troubles connecting my HEQ5 to my PC... I recently bought an ethernet to USB adapter, the usual RJ45-USB, and i was hoping it would work to connect my mount to the ASCOM platform, just as it did for my NEQ6. Unfortunately, though, my PC recognizes the RJ45-converter-USB assembly simply as a "network card", so the ASCOM toolbox doesn't recognize it as a COM port. I basically connected the controller handset cable (RJ45) to the adapter, the adapter to a USB extension and the extension to the computer...Is there any way i can still connect the mount to the PC using this same adapter? Also, my PC has a RJ45 port, can i connect the mount directly to it?
  3. Thank you! I have already ordered a zero-profile 2" adapter... this will remove 45mm from the optical train... i think it will be enough!
  4. Hi SGL! I've been having a lot of focusing issues with my scope lately as i'm starting AP. I recently got a 10" f/4 telescope that i mainly used with a mirrorless camera, but for "reasons" i cannot use the camera anymore. So i grabbed my D2X dslr and attached a 1.25 inch adapter, that directly goes into the 2" to 1.25" focuser adapter. Only problem is... i cannot focus the camera!!! Now i have a question: is it because of the relatively bulky 2" to 1.25" inch adapter that i have mounted on the focuser? Should i use a 2" T-ring adapter to reduce the distance? Any other options? Keep in mind that this is a fast astrograph telescope, so i shouldn't have these kind of problems.... Thank you all and have a wonderful day!
  5. The TS is actually... 1000mm... Same as the skywatcher, so my only doubt was about the quality of the optics as i only ever used skywatcher and celestron optics... thank you anyways! Also stuff such as wind gusts and tracking errors are not a problem since i've already got a complete autoguiding setup.
  6. I have an NEQ6 mount...definetly would not consider that a visual mount xD I used a small 5 inch reflector, and this is why I'm switching to an 8 inch one... just wondering if any of you had past experiences with the brands.
  7. i'm getting a new OTA for christmas but, as always, i'm not sure about which one i should buy. Precisely, this time i'm going for an 8 inch newt... but i can't decide which one. The telescopes in question are: -TS Optics 8" Photon (pro and con: i can pay cash-on-delivery as i'm buying it from an italian website, but i'm not sure about the quality of the GSO optics) -Skywatcher Explorer 200P w/Dual Speed Focuser What would you recommend? P.S. Are there any other OTAs within a 400€ range you would recommend?
  8. Nice job! What equipment did you use? Also, how many calibration frames did you take? I'm interested.
  9. Very good! The propeller structure is especially nice!
  10. Update.. i managed to edit it a bit...but... THE NOISE! Tomorrow i'll go to Viticuso and get some more exposures, although my uncle asked if he could borrow my tracking mount, so i'll have to take some more without it. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED ?
  11. Fun fact I did but somehow still uploaded the tif. i'm trying again, thank you for letting me know!
  12. Hi everyone! Last night i went to my favourite dark site to take some photos with my new Nikon D810 ( i'm still waiting for my new telescope so i borrowed a couple of cheap telescopic lenses from my uncle ?). The seeing conditions were modest, good seeing and everything, and i even managed to see the comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner with my crappy binoculars. I then started to take some photos at bright objects like M13, which turned out great! Unfortunately clouds started to appear, so i had to change subject. The nearest and brightest i could think of was the Andromeda galaxy, so i moved my camera and started taking exposures. I couldn't charge the batteries for my tracking mount, so I brought a tripod with me and took very short exposures, about 80 2 sec exposures... but when i got home i realized that after the 10th exposure my lenses started fogging up! I had to discard the majority of the photos, so i had only 10 to work with. Sorry if it's a bit dim but couldn't process it any further because my PC decided to die yesterday and now i'm using my little notebook, which unfortunately is not enough to process such an image... But here you go, a 20 seconds exposure of M31... (i cropped the image because the original file was too big) Next time i'll get some more exposures and add them to this image, i'll also bring a fan xD
  13. In particular, which telescope would you recommend for DSO sketching?
  14. I'd love to observe and sketch deep sky objects, so i thought of a dobson with at least a 10" aperture... One of the issues is the budget, which is around 1000€. At first i thought about the GSO 12" deluxe (because of the double speed focuser), but i'm not sure... how hard would it be to sketch without a driven mount?
  15. Hi everyone! I finally decided what to do with astronomy (i wasn't sure between visual and AP), but there is still a question. Since i'd like to start doing astronomical sketches, i was wondering: Is a 10" Dob sufficient for sketching? What can i see, keeping in mind that i live in a green/yellow zone? Also, which was your first scope you used when you first started doing sketching?
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