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  1. I will try to learn using a flat cap for flat calibration. But I am waiting for better weather. I'll try Solarchat. Thank you!
  2. I think the main reason is that they just afraid that the replacement is gonna go bad and they have to compensate me on the shipping the filter back and forth from VN to the States which is astronomically expensive. From that I can tell even DS does not seem very confident with their own product. Since the custom here in VN pressed me for the returning Quark (I listed it as temporary export, reimport later) I went to high point scientific, hold my nose and buy another Quark from them just to have some thing sending back. Here is my topic on my second quark https://stargazerslounge.com/top
  3. There no problem that a bit of duct tape can't solve. If there are, use more duct tape :))
  4. There would be a lot of chicken then because I wouldn't dare too :))
  5. PA is a problem. That's why I am looking to do a permanent setup. Because having the scope put on a very clear night an unable to PA and have to spend time to do drift aligment is suck. But PA is not big a problem as some of my Southern friends whom have to use pier/modified counterweight and CEM mount design to have it work at all
  6. No I dont have the problem of sun rising low. My problem is polaris rising too low for polar alignment. And my friends in Southern districts have counterweight gets blocked by the tripod since the mount almost stays horizontal after polar alignment. You keep the scope out with just a tarp over it? If I do that in my backyard, my scope would be stolen in a heartbeat. Not to mention the electronics would sure go haywire under the scorching sun and lashing rain of a tropical region. Don't you worry about the moisture and heat that would cause problem for your optics and electronics?
  7. Oh ok. Could you please share your setup/cover here? I am looking to make a ROR shed but if a cover works I will consider it too.
  8. You can do this test inside the house. Just shine a flashlight (a white LED) down the objective and keep it still while you are taking exposure
  9. So after my last rodeo with Daystar (for those who care, read more of it here https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/369967-bad-quark-chromosphere-on-arrival/?tab=comments#comment-4018491) I received a few emails from my courier asking me for the reimport item (since the Quark that I sent out listed as temporary export- reimport later) , otherwise the custom could get involved. I have no way but hold my nose and order another quark (this time from Highpoint Scientific). The quark arrived today and thank god, there are no visible defect that I can see. One of my friend told me about a sim
  10. Solarscope use the same manufacturing process as DS I believe. They just use active cooling for CWL adjustment instead of passive cooling?
  11. If only they can be reasoned with. Custom department here in VN operate on an extremely rigid bureaucratic protocol. But there's no problem some bribing can not solve here in VN.
  12. Mine too. But I still have to figure out a way to deal with the re import. Vnese custom department are just not to be messed with.
  13. So it's final then. I would find a path to move on and hopefully my experience could be of indication to anyone who looking to buy a Quark: just don't. It maybe good quark out there but the way DS treat their customer are just horrible and they does not deserve your hard earned cash. I learned my lesson. Daystar, as every other astronomy equipment manufacturer, are having a very good year due to covid 19. Maybe that emboldened them and make they feel they could just ignore some customer dissatisfaction and still can make some quick buck. But I will tell anyone who would listen to not wast
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