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  1. Here are my second attempt at DSO. Taken with Sony A7s, Vixen Polaris, Takumar 200mm at F5.6 185 subs (45 mins integration) 15s ISO 3200. I forgot the dark frames so after stacking there are a few dead pixel that show some red lines on the final photos
  2. wow, really? Thanks! I think I'll give it a try
  3. Looks like the denoise algorithm of Astra is somewhat better than lightroom but you still lose detail when do the denoising in post so I'm looking to optimize my stacking workflow. But thanks for the suggestion
  4. Yeap. I have exposed for longer but after selection and throw away the blurry ones I left with those 200 frames. I'd try again later and try to capture more frames. Thanks
  5. Thanks. Id try again and let you guys know
  6. Here is mine. Sony A7s 218 sub x 8s . ISO 6400. Any Suggestion how to denoise for this one? I stacked with median and average setting in DSS and the noise is really bad. Celestron Nexstar 8SE
  7. My very first DSO the other night. After a whole month of cloudy sky the heaven finally clear a few hours so I can peak at it for 5 minutes before it's cloudy again C8SE Alt-Azm mount, Sony A7s unmodded 9x8s at 51200 ISO. UHC filter
  8. Im not quite sure. The image is so noisy Im not sure if it's noise or really something there
  9. I'm new to this but still wanna share my photo of mars , Jupiter and Saturn I took late July this year. The seeing here is not very good so the image isnt as detailed as I would like. Took via my C8SE with 5x barlow and Sony A7s .
  10. Mars and Saturn with better seeing. My heart sank when I look through the scope and see that the dust storm is still raging
  11. I also go for the C8 but just so you know, matsukov design make it almost always hold the collimation (assuming it correctly collimated out of factory) so one less thing to worry about.
  12. Yeap. I'll keep an eye out for better weather. No much hope though since it's monsoon season here. Yeah I would but then again the seeing condition is not that good so I didnt have much light from the planet to begin with. The 5x barlow reduce f ratio to almose f/50 which is insane. I have to bump up the ISO to get a resonably bright image. The noise level is high but managable and I figured since i'm stacking anyway, the noise would not be much of a problem.
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