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  1. Thanks Craig, matter of taste i guess! hmmm now you say ... yes, it seems like it's harder to see that faint nebulosity hmmm
  2. thanks Brian, i will explain, in my case i'm a traveller so i have to go far in search of a dark sky , that means I ususally can only go out once a month , so, I need to take what i think is the best for only one night. The point is: I use the Halpha as luminance so I need it to be in the best shape i can, Halpha has a lot more signal than o3 and s2 so 300seconds is enough for most DSOs , since o3 and s2 are very faint, in my experience 600 seconds get better result than 300 even with few subs. o3 and s2 puts color in the halpha only. And that's it, if you don¡t understand something please let me know and I will try to explain it, I hope my english is understable at least greetings!
  3. that's how I get rid of any magenta stars and background cast that could remain! I erase the stars for tonemapping also because of the different size of them can show weird results sometimes, even just having stars from Halpha usually some magenta stars remains, thank you !
  4. Hello, in NB imaging is very common to see magenta stars, those just hurts my eyes, I erase any star prior merging the channels that's how my stars are natural looking, my stars are from the Halpha only, they are white yes and sometimes a little blueish but I prefer that one miliion times than magenta stars, in my opinion. Even doing this procedure usually remains some magenta stars but I get rid of them
  5. I love NB imaging! some people don't like the imaginary colors but I just love'em!
  6. Hola! yeah I tried that (https://flic.kr/p/2hcZTf6) but atm I prefer the softer result , it depends on my mood! thanks!
  7. 23x300s Ha 7x600 O3 7x600s S2 SW NEQ6 PRO II TS-Optics 130/650mm Imaging Star APO QHY16200A 7 x 50mm astronomik filters 6nm Zwo 290mm mini (OAG) MSI laptop Sequence generator pro PixInsight
  8. Thank you very much! Greatly appreciated!
  9. Hello, I could go out last weekend and took some subs more to add and improve the former version of the pelican nebula I made one month ago https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/338449-ic5070-sho/ hope you like this version! added 20 subs of 600s of O3 and 20 subs of 300s S2 3 x 300s Ha for fixing the stars shape
  10. Hi! here I bring the pelican nebula in Sho palette , hope you guys like it! 23x300s Ha 3x600 O3 6x300s S2 SW NEQ6 PRO II TS-Optics 130/650mm Imaging Star APO QHY16200A 7 x 50mm astronomik filters 6nm Zwo 290mm mini (OAG) MSI laptop Sequence generator pro PixInsight Preprocessing: I stack the images manually , using cosmetic correction DynamicCrop each image DBE each image Duplicated the master Ha to use as the luminance Deconvolution MMT noise reduction HistogramTransformation bring to no -linear LocalHistogramEqualization prepared every channel reducing noise and removing the star using starnet++ combined with channel combination curves transformation for the color adjustments LRGB combination further processing in Photoshop
  11. what do you mean? if i can shrink the distance instead of extend it? if so , no I can't , the only way could be sawing it up!
  12. well... i know someone with 3d printer ... but it might take ages cuz he has 3 children now lol , I will ask around , do you sell them anyways? I could buy them from you because I'm not in a very hurry , I have been having this problem for over a year so one month more...... , no problem 1 - yes they were dithered , at least that's what SGP told me , if it's not lying to me! I am indeed very noob with phd , I have being using maximDL from 5 years ago until now and I don't know very well how it works yet , Im using an OAG at 2.9" (zwo290mm mini) , i will try changing the scale to 5 as you said! 2 . I use astronomik filters that in spec they are 1mm thick , yeah I know I should add 1/3 of the thickness of the filters for calculate the distances for the adapter , i was supposed to do just that, increase the distance by 1mm and further, it didn't even cross my mind about doing it with a 3d printer (im old school) lol thank you again!
  13. Hello, thank you very much for taking your time to answer , greatly appreciated ! I take the flat frames at the field , just i finished my sequence of lights while the camera is warming up, that might be the cause indeed , i will keep cooling the camera while i take the flat frames and try lower ADUs , as you said the vignetting is low and unitl now i just skipped the calibration with flat frames because they do more damage than good, but I could love to be able to take flat frames properly as I always did with my former camera (Canon 550D modded) about the other stuff: 1 - i use dithering indeed! SGP - High dither , which do you use if I may ask? 2- that's other stuff is driving me nuts, I keep talking with the manufacter of the scope (TS-Optics 130/650mm imaging star apo) and the QHY , this scope has the flattener incorporated in the focuser , I have a adapter matching the exact distance they say I need, but as you correctly saw I dont have the field perfectly corrected, some say is tilt, some others say it shouldn't be, and blah blah blah , it¡s f**** driving me nuts! I can't thank enough for your help!
  14. Hello Xplode , I just have snet you a private message with a link where you can download those frames
  15. Ok! Master bias and dark is OK? Or you need subfrsmes?
  16. Do you mean light frames or flat frames? Now I'm not at home so I will upload them when I can and send the link to you Thanks for your help
  17. Hello, thanks for your answer, I have a panel flat which I can regulate the intensity of the light, no luck yet, just in order to show the problem I will add a picture The bottom shadow is due to the OAG prism, already fixed that, please notice the flats are over correcting Greetings
  18. Hello, I own a qhy16200A from like one year ago and I haven't been able to take flat frames that works well to me,someone I know who own a atik 16200 recommended me to target 45k adus, that adus works well for my Halpha but the same settings don't work for O3 and S2, the exposure time of these flats are = halpha (7 seconds), O3 (5 seconds), S2 (10 seconds), all three targeting 45k adus, anyways could anyone who owns this camera be so kind to tell me how many adus is targeting and exposure times for LRGB and narrow band? This is driving me mad Thanks in advance
  19. thank you very much! yes, it was hard to not oversaturate the stars on m13 glad you enjoyed it! greetings!
  20. Thank you very much! Greatly appreciated
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