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  1. Thank you Carole! Well, Bortle 4, that's not bad
  2. I really don't know it, sorry we go to the top of a mountain near Barcelona, called "Montseny" it is not bad but not very good either
  3. Hello , I say humble because it is only 35 minutes of total exposure time clouds.... F##### clouds! I don't know there in England but here in North-East Spain there are always coulds lately! anyways , I know this picture is not gorgeous but I hope you don't disleke it too much IC443 jellyfish nebula SHO by Héctor BcN, on Flickr I still have to work on some color cast in the background(I know) but mostly finished 3 x 300s Ha 1 x 300s O3 3 x 300s S2 SW NEQ6 modded QHY16200A TS-Optics 130/650mm APO OAG zwo290mm mini
  4. I tried to improve this image reprocessing it ic405_final_2b by Héctor BcN, on Flickr
  5. Sorry guys, I edited first post for enter the details on my set-up , when I finished this image yesterday night 4am I was way too sleepy lol my apologies when I did my first light with this camera it was only one sub per channel and it looks a lot more sharp , when I say the image of this post is kinda soft is like it 'd lack some focus , sharpness.. something like that.... maybe due to seeing , maybe I don't know , don't get me wrong I don't complain because it's my second light with this camera and it's good enough but if I zoom on the image I just can't see the details as well as I expected them to be. thank you very much for your kind messages!
  6. I recently done tihs image from a sesion of few days ago, seeing was real bad so I think it's why it looks everything a little "soft" , guiding was not very good either but I hope you enjoy my second NB image I ever made ic405 Flaming Star by Héctor BcN, on Flickr 15 x 600s Ha 6 x 600s O3 5 x 600s S2 My set-up is: SW NEQ6 Pro mooded TS-Optics 130/650mm Imaging Star APO QHY16200A mono 7 x 50mm Filters 6nm zwo290 mini (OAG)
  7. yeah.. that's a real pain in the a## , planets has to align themselves to everything to match for us to have a good sesion lol testing the camera inside the house due to my clumsiness I broke the switch for turn on and turn off the camera I hope it doens¡t bother to me tomorrow , I'm really worried about it nice to talk to you again , and thank you very much! hope so!
  8. Hello Roland! nice to see you again! wow are you in London, the city!? that's heavily polluted man! , taking pictures with narrow band can do the trick but in my opinion nothing can replace a good sky pal! at least you can take pictures from the commodity of your garden , I can not lol (I don't even have balcony) my advice is to find some kind of association or ppl just wanna go out, everything is more fun with people around! nomad AP can be really annoying and tiring, you have to setup everything every time but it worth it! or.. in order to improve the SNR you might have to take hundreds of pictures tomorrow defying the cold we might go to even better sky than the other day! want to plan to shot at IC405 the flaming star, let's see how it goes Greetings! Héctor
  9. Thank you very much for your kind words comrades, I really appreciate it About the stars, the distance from the sensor to the flattener is not good, too much space in between, I ordered a company to make me a nice CNC adapter but I haven't get it yet, as soon as I get it I will try again, wish to get rid of those elongated stars hehe Greetings Héctor
  10. Not embarrassing at all! The bubble looks very cool to me! Just different kind of object I guess I think you might improve the look of the nebulosity around with exponential transformation (pixiisnght), there are some very good tutorials out there! I sent you one with a private message
  11. LOL for real, I'm the first to be surprised! I couldn't imagine there was so much signal for such few exposure time, while I was processing them I felt like..wth.. first time processing NB it was tough... but fun anyways! I shot them under relatively good sky in a mountain near Barcelona, I couldn't manage very well to make work the phd guiding with Sgp using an OAG everything from the very first time so just happy of the result Thank you very much!
  12. Hi there! I bought a mono ccd former in May and due to awful weather conditions I couldn't even test it till last weekend , since I started doing AP I was using a Canon 550D mooded so the jump in quality is just... Awesome.. Heart Nebula by Héctor BcN, on Flickr I know it lacks detail and stars are not pretty on the corners but I couldn't do better, this is just a single frame of 600 seconds each, S2 ha O3 Hope you enjoy it! Greetings Héctor
  13. Already fixed the issue, somehow the driver got corrupted, Now working fine! Thanks
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