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  1. What about a zoom eyepiece. i brought a televue 8-24 and used it more than my eyepiece set. sky at night did a review on them and the meade one came out on top. although not sure if it maybe a little heavy Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks found some eyepiece on there that i will get. think I will get a baader hyperion 5mm a televue 20mm and a meade 5000 40mm
  3. My thoughts exactly. I do not post that often as I do not think I am anywhere as knowledgeable as people on hear. But I do read the posts to learn. Most of my posts tend to be questions but even then I just search through old posts. Although I also know that what ever you do will upset someone. So I leave it to you.
  4. Just wondering if anyone used it with a scope. Just seemed a random thing to get with it.
  5. When I brought my telescope I got this camera with it. I have no idea if it is any good or is it out of date? It says it is black and white and looks brand new. So does anyone know anything about this camera? Thanks
  6. I just kept thinking they will turn up soon must be in a box I have not looked in. The annoying thing is it is all my expensive eyepieces that are missing! Going to try that site think there are a few that look interesting. The US is so much cheaper! I am thinking of a panoptic or something with a real wide field and another eyepiece to look at the planets
  7. Next month I have family coming over from the US and they are happy to bring me some eyepieces. But I can not make my mind up which ones to buy. I have a Celestron C8 SGT XLT scope. The eyepieces that I currently own are a moonfish 30mm 80 2inch, a revelation set with a 9, 12,15,20,32mm, meade 4000 6.4 a televue 2inch big barlow, a televue 8-24mm zoom. Now I do have a radian 8mm and Meade 5000 20mm 1.25 inch Eyepiece which I have lost in moving house so i want to avoid these as they may turn up. I enjoy viewing everything so what ever you think are the best deals I can get and if possible maybe some sites if you get eyepieces over there. Also I have no problem with second hand Thanks so much
  8. So what sites do people use? I have some family coming over from the US and they said if I post it to them they will bring it over but no idea what are good sites there
  9. Been looking for this kind of thing for ages! Thanks for sharing
  10. I am 28 and got my first telescope about three years ago. When I became interested I can not remember I always wanted a scope and loved astronomy but can not remember when it started
  11. I get it for working 16 hour shifts on Christmas and boxing day and new year. So my christmas will be spent outside freezing cold, staying in hotels. But hoping it will be worth it for a scope!
  12. How much would that one be worth if it was new do you think? I am really looking forward to it although it will me the scope will be worth more than my car and normal scope! Hope it does not go
  13. My first was the 150p and it was great. If you get it it will not let you down and is able to show saturn rings edge on which i saw. If you can have a look to see if there are any shops near you just to see them both. May help your choice. But i think that both scopes will please you
  14. No way will I want to miss it. Started to look up the Lunt scopes, and will wait little so I can get a good one. Although there are so many options I am unsure what to get added. Although I am awful at trying to wait with Astronomy stuff I just get too excited!!! I have seen one on astrobuy and sell but it is £2000 not sure how much it is worth.
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