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  1. These are rough and rushed but ive been having some sharpcap issues of late. I've only been getting a few exposures before stacking going south. Re installed it now and it looks updated and ive watched a couple of vids and learned a few things about the histogram. Hopefully I'll be having another crack at these soon. M104 was the most I've managed at about 9 minutes worth of 20 second exposures, thec rest were just a few exposures each. No darks or flats on any due to my issues. Nexstar evolution 9.25 @6.3 with an asi294 mc. I would say processed but it was more of a butchering in gimp and snapseed.
  2. I like pc expess for noise reduction and snap seed for the levels. I've still a lot to learn with gimp.
  3. This image is why I didn't bother initially. I thought I'd never get rid of all that red.
  4. Think this is my favourite so far. 28x30 sec exposures live stacked on sharpcap. I cant remember if I used darks for this as I've just found the data I did a bit ago that I thought was useless at the time. Wo72mm megrez, asi294, nexstar evolution mount, 0.8 reducer. Tweaked in gimp , snap seed and pc express.
  5. Cheers jim, I've flirted with the idea of an eq mount from time to time but I really like the ease of my set up and where I can set it up. I dont think I'll ever bother to be honest. If I decide in the future I want to spend a couple more k on equipment I think I'd rather spend it on one of those rasa 8's than a mount. That's my dream scope right now. And yes the camera's are amazing right now, it'll be interesting to see what's out there in a few years.
  6. Cheated a bit on this . I used a healing tool for the core in free photo shop app on android. It was blinding. 28 30 second exposures , 20 darks and flats. Wo72mm megrez, asi294mc, nexstar evolution mount . Stacked and stretched in sharpcap, tweaked in gimp and photoshop express.
  7. Bloody hell that dob. Thanks for the info. I'll maybe make a mock one up out of card and see what the clearance might be.
  8. Oh and this eaa tool, is that to put out there or strictly for your own use?
  9. Thanks , I was just wondering mainly about clearance. The mount I have is the evolution mount. I can only get about 63° with the sct when the camera is on ect, which is good enough for me. I'm guessing the Newt is quite a lot heavier to the rear which would allow me to push it forward quite a bit without it being too much front heavy? I've searched high and low online for a picture of my mount with a newt on and cant find one.
  10. Are you still active on here Martin? I see this is from a good fee years back but I've often wondered about the quattro on an alt/alz mount. Wouldn't mind picking your brains if you're still here.
  11. That's the only time I've seen colour in one of my galaxy's.
  12. Oh yes, I should give startools another try. I followed a almost three hour tutorial twice but without calibration files.
  13. Thanks for that image, also glad to hear about the focus .
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