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  1. I didn't take that as criticism but I would have taken criticism on here like it was meant to be taken anyway. I've only just noticed that sattelite trail myself actually. The time I have right now for this is precious little. I've half heartedly tried stepping my processing game up a few times but cant get into it. When my boys a bit older is the time I think I can seriously try stepping my game up. I've just toned this image down a bit actually and think I prefer this one. Still lacking colour but a bit cleaner... thanks.
  2. Just 30 minutes of 12 second exposures on this. 9.25 nexstar evolution and asi294mc. Snapseed and photoshop Express. To my gear out to a dark site with just eyepieces recently... wow, I had no idea I'd see much detail on andromeda. Pleadies was pretty impressive too.
  3. This is after following a beginner's tutorial in pi. Think I overdid some things though. It's better and worse.
  4. I know this is far from great but I think I know why things look weird to me when I use proper software. I'm over doing it by following the tutorials down to a t. I'm putting that down
  5. Sharpcap. I have the free trial for pix right now but I do struggle with pc software. I'm going to follow another tutorial on it today when I get the time but I've tried many over the last couple of years and tend to go back to phone apps. I'll see how I get on later though. Thanks.
  6. Not on this one but I do plan on saving individual frames when I go to a dark site.
  7. Photobombed and neighbour's that insist on flood lighting the sky. Most detail I've ever got with this target though, I'm really happy with it bar the sky. First go since last winter with the little wo72mm . Asi294mc on a evolution mount . 60 lights and 20 each of darks and lights. Photoshop express and snapseed.
  8. Can't seem to catch a break with globs. I did this same target awhile ago with a dslr and it turned out pretty good but really struggle with the settings on the zwo. Also can never seem to go longer than ten minutes before the clouds come. M13 I think it was just over 8 minutes of ten second exposures with the 9.25 evo and 294mc.
  9. M33 . I set the gain way higher than I normally do on this occasion and it seemed to work well. I think I normally worry too much about noise so keep it fairly low. Anyway field rotation was becoming too much of a problem after half hour of 18 second exposures. Zwo294 mc , gain 380, 20 darks and flats. 9.25 nexstar evolution. Gimp, snapseed, ps express.
  10. Just found a great noise remover for mobile app. It's the free version of adobe light room. Just if anyone is interested in a very quick way of doing this.
  11. Cheers nigel. That's good to know about the 50% on startools. It was only the speed that put me off. I'll give it another bash.
  12. Thx. Astro pixel looks like something I'll be using from here on in. Should be seeing some improvement from now. I do like the lp remover on it and the very reasonable price.
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