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  1. 4 hours ago, symmetal said:

    Have you tried the 'killall phd2' command as described as an option here which should kill all instances of phd2 it thinks are running.


    Hi, thanks, yes I tried that and I think it said no instances of PHD2 running (I think can't quite remember)  but even so after running that command it just came up again when I started PHD2.
    Only way (at the time) I found was to totally remove PHD2 and then re-install it, then it worked.


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  2. 1 hour ago, Jonny_H said:

    Thanks Steve.

    In my situation then I guess I will be roughly the same minus the primeluce clamps and filter wheel + filters so I should be just shy of the max payload. 

    Oooo I don't know what to do! I think I need to stop over thinking it! 😆

    Its a great scope, and in years to come if looked after will command a good resale price.
    And, I think without those bits you mention it will be well in.

    I guess it's a matter of whether you think you will never upgrade your HEQ5. If you think you might (and also these are easily re-sellable bits of kit) then you can't go wrong.
    It he HEQ5 is your forever mount (and for many it is as it is a great mount for AP) then still no reason not to but yo will have to just watch the other added bits but that's not difficult and perhaps not a bad thing. 

    Also when I buy expensive bits of kit I think how sought after are they, if it is a bit of kit that many people would happily have then I always think that what I am actually spending is about 1/3 of the actual cost as it should hold around 2/3's their value (as things currently stand - of course could change) so instead of thinking I am spending £1,800 I would think of it as spending £600 and putting the rest to one side for now. 
    I am not saying that is right but helps me feel a bit easier about the big spends.

    Also most of all think can you afford it, really? 
    If it is beyond what you can afford really then maybe wait till you can but for sure do not buy something and then wish you had waited and saved or just spent that extra bit of cash.  I have in the past and I always ended up buying what I really wanted eventually and then ended up loosing on the one I bought to begin with.

    Hope it all works out 🙂 


  3. 20 minutes ago, carastro said:

    I have an HEQ5 and an Esprit 100.  It's fine on it's own with a finderguider Atik CCD camera and EFW. 

    But if I try to mount anything else on top, it's overweight.  i.e. I tried adding my Samyang lens and CCD and EFW on top and that was too much.



    I can confirm that the 100ED with usual astro gear is right on the limit. but useable.
    When I bought mine and replaced my WO73 I could not balance with the CW right at end of the CW post and bought an extension which is not ideal.
    I did not like the extension so ended up removing a few bits of extras that took it over the weight at which I could balance (mainy the adjustable SW Guidescope mount which is a great piece of kit but pretty weighty and not really needed for AP).

    When I was getting the weight down I actually weighed everything myself so if of any use:

    What is on top of mount:-

    New Geoptic saddle and puck (replaces old saddle & puck so not too much difference) ------------    1.02 Kg

    Losmandy Dovetail --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     0.67 Kg

    Primaluce clamp used on Losmandy at top for safety  to stop rig sliding down when fitting to mount  0.29 Kg

    Supplied Scope Clamps (420g each x2) ----------------------------------------------------------------      0.84 Kg

    Esprit 100ED + Flattener + 20 mm spacer --------------------------------------------------------------     6.30 Kg

    SX Filter wheel + filters ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------     0.78 Kg

    ASI 1600 MM Camera -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------     0.43 Kg

    Vixen Dovetail on top of Main Scope rings to mount guidescope to ---------------------------------      0.47 Kg

    Guidescope, guidescope mount & Altair Guidescope -------------------------------------------------      0.85 Kg

    TOTAL ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     11.65 Kg

    I didn't weight the dew bands and controller for these but they are not much.

    This was after removing the adjustable SW guidescope mount.



  4. Having just fitted a new FW and camera (QHY268M & QHY FW3) to my Esprit 100ED my first attempts at flats look a bit odd.
    An unstretched flat looks reasonable.

    But when auto-stretched left is new setup and right is with my old setup (ASI1600 & SX FW but same 36mm filters) stretched to same degree

    The original setup looks much more centralised to me whist the new setUp the centre of the image looks to be towards the bottom of the image.

    Using CCD Inspector, again new setup on left.


    So do I have a problem and how do i overcome it ?


  5. With my QHY268M I am still experimenting with flats.

    I did use 25,000 but so far best final images I have obtained are not using any flats  so far. In fact a straight stack of uncalibrated lights has really given as good an image as any calibrations so far.
    Now some of this might be my ding so cannot put too much on that yet as I need to do a few more tests yet.


  6. 2 minutes ago, tomato said:

    I think the inverse law generally applies, the more cloudy nights, the more people look at new/better kit and then make purchases. I know I have spent more on Astro kit in the last 12 months than the previous 2 years put together.

    Of course, if the hopeless weather persists with no respite, then the law will break down at some point, and then the S/H market will be flooded with stuff.

    But for me it only takes a few clear nights such as we are experiencing now (albeit with a full moon) to keep me going through the next few cloudy periods.

    I agree with all that statement, I maybe do not understand why but I agree 🙂 


  7. 1 minute ago, Endolf said:

    Kstars crashing, what version are you on?, I'm on the nightly's as Jasem has done some work to stop the crashing with the APS-C sized sensors and above on the Pis. I still get it, but only on the rig with my iOptron mount, the other rig is now stable running on stellarmate nightly builds.

    Not checked but updated and upgraded regularly.
    I am on Stellarmate and IOptron mount. Last night only crashed once in the couple of hours I got before clouds covered everything, even the moon.
    it seemed to crash when saving the image so I put a 4 sec delay (which may or may not have down anything) but did not crash after that.


  8. Due to persistent clouds I have not had much actual exposure time with this new camera, di get a few Ha under the near full moon last couple of nights but viewing not great as over most of my 10 min exposures I think some cloud passed by.

    But I did take some darks when it arrived and comparing to my ASI1600 it;s like chalk and cheese not that amp glow has gone.
    Left is an auto stretched master dark (360S) from my 1600 and using exactly the same stretch on the QHY 268M on the right of a 360S master dark.


    So, forgive my ignorance, but are darks now basically only taking out hot pixels ?
    I am assuming the white dots seen in the dark are hot pixels as they are present in all dark frames.

    So if dithering are the dark frames doing much for us in the processing ?



  9. 1 minute ago, geordie85 said:

    I hope so. I can't afford to throw more money at this hobby for it to not work 

    Yes it can become a bit of a money pit can't it, but I would be pretty sure that is the issue, they do not like low voltage.


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